SKS BullPup Stock Kit Testimonials

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Your stock is pure genius.  I have many rifles, some of them quite expensive, but my humble SKS with your stock has become my favorite.
Thanks for helping me out with the Longer Than Normal Trigger Wire.  That did the trick.
Keep up the great work!

Kevin D. 3/29/14 ARKevin D. 3.29.14Arkansas

I love this gun and you all have made a fantastic product.  I have the Yugo cut down to 16 inches and it has very little recoil.  This gun is accurate, compact, easy to handle, and everyone asks me where I got the conversion kit.  Everyone at the gun store had to check it out when I took it there to try and get it fixed.  Keep up the good work!

Anthony T. 7/30/13 TX

Just want to give you my thoughts, Outstanding product!!!! My 16 year old son Luke used his Norinco SKS-M the ak mag converted model for this build.  We had to cut the sling loop off the gun and do some grinding of the stock to get the fit. But…3 hrs or so later she was done.  In order for the 30 round mags to fit we had to open up the pistol grip, but there was enough material to keep the str…

Dean D. 7/26/13 PA

Dear Shernic,
I am pleased to let you know that my SKS kit went together with very little modifications.  This kit is the kind of solid frame that you wish every gun could be mounted on.  I tip my hat to the developers and engineers that made this work of art possible.  Attached pictures show my SKS with a Tapco 20 Round Magazine,  a generic Red Dot / Green Dot Sight, and the standard SKS slin…

Duane W. 7/25/13 ID

thank yall very much for sending me all of my parts for my new sgworks sks bullpup stock. it is now fully complete. i love the feel of it and look. shoots great.

Troy Picado 1 Troy Picado 2

Troy P. 7/8/13 LA

Mark Austin 1 Mark Austin 2 Mark Austin 3 Mark Austin 4 Mark Austin 5

Mark A. 7/7/13 TN

I converted an unusable Chinese SKS into this beauty thanks to you guys and CNC warrior. The stock that came with this gun was in ridiculous shape. It was literally falling apart. I am very happy with this stock I just wish you guys had a quick detach button sling mount to install on itIan Bullpup

Ian 6/30/2013

Finaly got done airbrushin the awesome shernic stock.went together like a dream And ,Tons of fun to shoot.love the stock! Highly recommended add on to your sks! A must have! Thanks shernic! AAA ++++

Desert Trader 1 Desert Trader 2 Desert Trader 3 Desert Trader 4 Desert Trader 5 Desert Trader 6 Desert Trader 7 Desert Trader 8



I never airbrushed before so did a little research online .I was gonna try duracoat but a guy that sold stencils called me and gave me some much needed advise.he told me duracoat messy and …

Desert Trader 6/25/13 NM

Here are my new photos of my completed Bullpup.

Ron Wood 3 Ron Wood 4 Ron Wood 5 Ron Wood 6 Ron Wood 7 Ron Wood 8 Ron Wood 9

Ron W. 6/18/13 CA

I received my SKS kit and immediately went to work assembling it.  I started  out with a NEW SKS Chinese Sporter, 16″ barrel, detachable AK magazines and a Barska red dot holographic site.  I had to take one shim out of the middle barrel rest and trim out the front barrel rest top and bottom. I also had to saw off the front sling mount since it was well under the hand guard.  I had previously re…

Mike D. 6/16/13 NM

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