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June 29th, 2009

Because of our goal of bringing you affordable equipment that works, we are always interested in your feedback, both positive and negative. So feel free to drop us a line. We will always be looking for ways to tweak and improve our products.

Gregory N. CA 11/14/17

November 14th, 2017

Did the Duracoat myself. I have shot the gun though before I coated it. Love.

Jason L. MO 11/13/17

November 12th, 2017

Thanks for the SKS stock. When I show it off to other firearm  enthusiasts and friends, they’re instantly intrigued by its scary tacticoolness. I put mine on a Norinco and really like it.


FML Update #8 Friday 11/10/2017

November 10th, 2017

We have some very exciting news! Last Thursday, the new die casting company ran a handful of sample shots in order to check out the tool and approve the parts. The parts turned out to be absolutely fantastic. All of the various cavities within the tool filled nicely and there was no flash at all around the parts themselves. Additionally, since we were able to approve the parts that day, arrangements began for production to begin as soon as possible.

As of right now production is scheduled to begin Friday, 11/10/17.

We’ve been very busy getting everything ready to begin our finishing/assembly operations as soon as we receive the newly run parts.

If production goes smoothly, we believe we will be in a position to begin shipping our FML orders, according to purchase date, within two weeks of this post.

Once shipping begins, the FML pre-sale will end. The last couple of videos on the FML are slated to be uploaded this coming week.

FML Update #7 10/26/17

October 26th, 2017

Three weeks ago we picked up our FML tool from the second die caster because it had been over 10 weeks since we had dropped it off. At least three times we had been told a sample run would be able to be run in about 2 weeks. We were given this same line the tenth week as well. At this point we had completely lost confidence in the owner and thus made the decision to move the tool.

The new company is much larger and seem to be much more professional. They also have a tool maker in house.

This past week we were told depending on whether or not the tool was a bottom feed or straight feed, they felt they would be able to run a sample either this coming week or next. They also said, if we can be there when the sample is run, and we can approve it, they can go ahead and do the production run as well.

What this means is, if we are able to approve the sample, then in very short order we would begin shipping and the presale would come to an end. Conversely, if the last small pad added to the tool doesn’t fill right, then that issue would need to be corrected before production could begin.

With the very good possibility of the end of the road in sight, we are going to do our very best to finish up and post the additional videos on modifying the SKS bolt, micro adjusting the FML lug and a more in depth function video.

Larry C. 10/16/17 MN

October 18th, 2017

I love it…

FML update 9/25/17

September 25th, 2017

To our chagrin and embarrassment we are still in a holding pattern awaiting the initial test run by the new die-casting company.

We are being told it will happen this next week.

In our last update, we had just received the latest shots and the parts were great. It was at this time we decided we would need an additional pad bringing the total to three and shorten one of the original two pads. We were told it would be a slam dunk to add the third pad, and we could go ahead and make arrangements to proceed with the first run.

We really felt we should test run the tool one more time, and it was right after that final test run that the falling out occurred between our tool maker and die-caster. The tool had been shimmed during the shots and the parts were out of dimension and with excessive amounts of flash. We believed it was for the best so we moved on to another die-caster.

During the past 7 years or so, the politicans in Sacramento have inadvertently driven a substantial number of die-casters either out of business or out of California. The ones who remain are very busy.

Anyway, it is our hope that as soon as the tool is test run this next week, we can go ahead and make arrangements for the first run to proceed. We will keep you posted.

We really appreciate your patience. Thank you.

Charles T. 9/25/17 KS

September 25th, 2017


Awesome product your company produces by the way.

Forward Moving Lug Update 7/14/17

July 14th, 2017

The final samples have been received. Everything looks great!

We’ve made the decision to have the production done by a different die caster. We are hoping to have a production date next week as well as announcing when the presale will end.

More videos to come soon on bolt modification (to allow magazine removal with a closed bolt) and micro adjusting the FML. By the way, for those of you who prefer us to do the installation, you can send us your main housing and $25, and we’ll install the FML and ship your main housing back to you.

Fred S. 06/04/17 OH

June 6th, 2017

Some more detailed pics of my SG Works it’s shoots great that was a 5 shot group @ 40 yards btw Thanks for a great and fun product

FML Update & Installation Video

June 2nd, 2017

Great news!

What we believe to be the last change to the FML tool has been completed.  The tool is now at the molders.  We are waiting to hear when the samples are going to be run to ensure everything is right.  Hopefully, we will hear something this next week.

After that, we will be given a production run date which will determine when the FML Pre-Sale will end and shipping begins.  We will keep you updated.  Thanks for your patience!


FML Installation Video

Check out our video showing the installation of the FML into the Main Housing component of our SKS Bullpup Stock Kit. If you want to skip the introduction portion of the video, the actual installation begins around the 0:03:15 mark.

Pre-Sale Ending Soon – ORDER NOW 

We are almost at the end of our Pre-Sale.  If you haven’t already ordered our FML, you can still ORDER NOW at our low Introductory Pre-Sale Price of $39.96 – a substantial savings!  

Once the Pre-Sale ends, our FML can be purchased at our retail price of $49.95.