Last Monday I met with our molding company.  We were able to double check all of the manufacturer’s  molding files, and ensure everything was correct.  This means the eight-week count down began as of 9-29-09!!!

Today I told my designer that I need to have a date on when I’m getting the final prototype or else I’m going to have to go to someone else to have them made.  (I have that option now that I have the files.)  He wrote back immediately and informed me that his builder said it should be ready in one week for our acceptance.  At that time, we’ll order additional prototypes and begin hitting as many gun shows as possible.  Of course it goes without saying that the very first thing we’ll do upon receiving the prototype is post close-up pics and an assembly video.

Thanks for all your support and perseverance!

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38 Responses to “10-1-09”

  1. PrezRR says:

    Thanks for the update, looking forward to new videos and pics. Glad things are on track and moving smoothly.

  2. Cool…does this mean Galahad from SKS boards is going to get one?

  3. Josh from Arizona says:

    This is very exciting news indeed. Can’t wait to get mine! Thanks again for the update!

  4. strong_bad says:

    Great news. Looking forward to seeing all of these new videos and close-up pics.

    Please try to get one to Galahad for review. Many people would benefit from the additional hands on opinion, and a good review from him would result in a very good boost for you.

  5. james says:

    wow i have always loved the sks but you have an awesome design i hope it works good and i turn 18 january i hope this product hits a gun show in kc you should try to post when and were you will be at these gun shows i really want one of these

  6. CJS3 says:

    Does this mean a December shipping date?

  7. Siminov876 says:

    I want one of this stocks as a early Christmas present to myself….OMG!!!! I can’t wait I just got an Eotech 552 for free my stepfather is back from Iraq and told me it was a present from him to me….This sight is waitng to be mounted on that BULLPUP stock….:^) Thank u guys for this creation

  8. smileonempty says:

    another awesome update! cant wait to see more, thanks for the news glaros :]

  9. irate says:

    glad to hear that thing are going the right way

  10. Vilk says:

    Does this mean the window on the pre-ship price is set?

  11. Rick says:

    is the introductory price still being accepted?

  12. Rusty says:

    I’m just reinforcing the idea that Galahad receive a unit to beta-test. Many in the SKS community, whether were on his website or not, trust him. He’s given fair review to Tapco products, ATI products, and others. If he rates this stock and the review is “good”, then you can expect my pre-order shortly thereafter.

  13. joel in missouri says:

    What a welcome bullpup design. I wish I could have had the kit in the 90,s when you could get a new norenco sks for about $120 in any Kansas City gun store. I am looking forward to your kit soon, bravo!!!

  14. Isaac says:

    While I’m still very enthusiastic and excited about your project (and I am!), I have to address an issue that has come up.

    Recently, I received an email from you that stated the Front Rail Mount and the Rear Magazine Release Enhancement Lever were to be sold separately from the kit. I may have missed that announcement on the site, but I am wondering why those of us that have pre-paid for our kits, and partially funded the production of said kit, wouldn’t receive your full kit before anyone else? I understand your need to sell the parts as add-on sales to supplement the early costs of production. That’s business 101. However, I would like to request that we pre-purchasers be provided with these parts as a gesture of good faith for supporting your endeavor. Or, at the very least, give us the opportunity to purchase the parts at a substantial discount from your retail price to be able to field your full kit and provide feedback. I’m excited about this product and what your company could bring to the industry. What say you folks?

  15. glaros says:


    Yes, the introductory price does not expire until shipping begins.

  16. glaros says:


    The introductory price will expire once shipping begins.

  17. glaros says:


    We’re estimating that shipping will commence in January.

  18. Rick says:

    cool. I’lll pre-order this weekend. I have a fear this stock will become like the Tucker Torpedoe -high demand and an awesome innovative design crushed by politicians and then becoming an unobtainable legend whispered around campfires and 2A meetings…”Remember that bullpup SKS that you used to be able to get? I saw one once!” 🙁

    I sincerely hope (and to use that un-politically correct term “Pray”) that my prediction is wrong.

  19. strong_bad says:

    Sounding great. As are most of us who have been following from the beginning, I am a little (and mind you, only a little) disappointed that the shipping delay is so long.

    However, I am hoping that the stock comes together well and receives good reviews from those in the know.

    I would certainly rather have a good, well thought-out stock in January than a rushed and bad one in September.

    Thank you for the updates. I am following along with great attentiveness.

  20. Justin says:

    What if any options will you be offering and will the stock seen in the youtube video mounted on a Yugo be offered? Im very excited for the release of this stock.

  21. Joe says:

    I already got a front grip, looking for some iron sights like whats on yours.Trying to figure out witch of my sks’s I’m gons use for it, my yugo or russin. Hope its early Jan. when they come out, I cant wait. I already got mine orderd, just waiting to get my hands on it.”Giddagy,giddagy goo”. Glad you people got the idea for it. I sure your going to make a KILLIN on this thing. Any info on the iron sights would be great the one’s I found are more for AR’s. Again, Icant wait…

  22. Tx Dogblaster says:

    I was looking forward to receiving this by now since I paid for it WAAAY back in the beginning. But I can wait. I’m still looking forward to it. Thanks for the update…

  23. ATX says:

    I’m not gonna lie and say I’m not pissed that I have to wait so long for this thing, but since I’m already invested in it, I’ll give Mr. Glaros the benefit of the doubt and wait to see where this goes. Maybe I’ll wake up Christmas morning and find it under the tree, who knows? Many of my friends are stand offish right now because the first delivery date that was promised, was not met. I don’t think SG can look forward to any orders from them until they see this thing in action at the gun range. They are very opinionated about this whole mess of delays… Reputations are on the line here, I hope not to be embarrassed nor dissapointed Mr. Glaros.

  24. Lafayette says:

    FYI- http://www.sksboards.com/smf/index.php Sks boards is the premier sks site on the net today. They have done beta testing for many products related to the sks. Allowing the moderators of this site to select members for beta testing can be a make or break for your product. I encourage you to create a dialogue with Galahad and his troop of experts to beta test your project. We have yet to discover a bull pup that was practical, effective or affordable. Your product seems to have promise. Without the endorsement of the most qualified in the field of SKS, would be a disservice to your product. The board awaits your response.
    Best wishes ,
    Lafayette Gregory

  25. Rick says:

    just placed my pre-order. Now to join the queue.

    Having been involved in small business these days, I understand the unforseen delays. Big money talks, which small businesses don’t have.

    But that doesn’t make waiting and stuff easier 😛 My 2A group is gonna go *nuts* over these. And so will the “mall ninjas” at the range.

    Can I get “distributor” rights for the Bay Area? 🙂 Or if I can sell a dozen of these I get one free for myself?:)

  26. Jack from West Texas says:

    $130.00 Hmm thats alot of money to be lost.

  27. Jack from West Texas says:

    @ATX, it’s just money

  28. glaros says:


    We will not let you down


  29. Nicholas in Texas says:

    Well here’s to chance. I only just found out about this product (Shotgun News) and after an accident has left me unable to use any rifle with a short pull I picked up an SKS. Shoots great but it’s a little long, and doesn’t really have that “black gun” feel.

  30. Ashe says:

    I have a SKS model M which I have modified my T-6 stock to allow me to mount the RPK 75 round drums. Would I be able to relieve the BP stocks to mount the drums? I have pre-purchased a stock and have 2 Noricos ready to convert to take AK mags. I can’t wait.

  31. Joe says:

    jJust a question about the front lower rail and the rear mag release enhancement lever “what ever that is” is included in the kit I paid for. I thought it was, should I have ask more questions about it befor perchuse. I still have good hopes for the company…

  32. Josh from Arizona says:

    @glaros, This makes me very happy indeed. Thanks Mr. Glaros!

  33. PrezRR says:

    @Lafayette, They’re already talking to Galahad, Have been from the start.

  34. Bob Colston says:

    Still patiently waiting but what is this about all the parts not being include? Front lower rail? mag release lever?

  35. Joe says:

    @Bob Colston, I read about it on sksboards.com. A damn good web page…

  36. glaros says:


    We’re not sure what you mean, but the sight rail is part of the stock; it has been lowered to where it sits right on top of the upper hand guard. You’ll find this works much better for cheek weld.

    The accessories that are not included are the front mount for the forward pistol grip and an enhancement lever for the magazine release to be used with detachable magazines. These two items aren’t even listed on the website store as of yet.

  37. Joe says:

    @glaros, Very disapionting…

  38. glaros says:

    our kit has the lowered sight rail, like the second video, and includes a tri-rail to attach a front hand grip as well as a extended magazine release lever. (The first video was our prototype and the stock will look like the 2nd video)