Sample Pictures

SKS Bull-pup stock kit (front tri-rail mount and magazine release enhancement lever not shown)


Left/Right pistol grips


Left/Right butt-plates


Upper handguard/sight-rail (two views, not two pieces)


Main housing


Front portion of main housing


Back portion of main housing


Receiver cover assembly (hinged flip cover and release lever installed)


Hinged flip cover and release lever


Top portions of bull-pup kit easily removes for cleaning. The barreled action remains securely mounted in the lower portion of the stock.


These pictures represent samples sent to us from our tool maker. We’ll be giving an update post on our present status very soon. This next week we’ll be posting an assembly video and hopefully a shooting video. Thank you for your continuing patience!

3 Responses to “Sample Pictures”

  1. saki302 says:

    Looks good- I can’t wait to get mine, hopefully soon 🙂

    I handled another bullpup kit at the SAR gun show last weekend, and it didn’t look near as good as these pics- glad I picked yours!

    Maybe consider making a good looking AK bullpup kit when these are finished. The K-VAR one looks hideous!

  2. sailormandave says:

    Thanks! Great pics! Almost reached for my credit card. Tight times this xmas but may have to go for it. Interesting kit to update this tough but unwieldy rifle. Will be following you.

  3. sailormandave says:

    Well, we went ahead and order our kit last saturday. Looking forward to new installation video and waiting for our kit to arrive in january. Glad to support a start-up company like SG. Good luck and keep us posted!