7-24-12 Marc R.



Thanks for the quick response and am looking forward to the replacement part. How much would it cost me to keep the broken one vice shipping it back? I would like to experiment a bit with reinforcing that piece with a really thin piece of spring/tensile steel or something comparable. I would be more than happy to supply you with my results. Being such a thin piece and I remove my receiver for cleaning after every few times of shooting, I can really see this possibly happening again.

Also, with the exception of the Receiver Cover, I have put the rest of the SKS/Pup together. I have to say, I am really impressed how this looks and feels. I have included before and after pictures  with the receiver cover just sitting in place, but even it fits nicely. Well worth the wait!


–          Chinese Norinco SKS Type 56 (Used)

–          Murray’s Stainless Steel  Firing Pin and Spring

–          SKS Recoil Buffer

–          Removed Front Sight and Cut Barrel down a few inches

–          Crowned barrel with 90 and 11 degree tools

–          Threaded barrel 14×1 LH and added Tapco Muzzle Break

–          Completely stripped, degreased, cleaned, re-blued (Brownells Oxpho-Blue) and oiled before reassembling

–          Shernic Gun Works Bullpup Kit


Marc R.



SGW to Marc. R.
That part of the design has been a weak from the beginning-our designer said he fixed it and we went ahead and had the molds made. We have a metal piece that we will be offering that on our store page for customers very soon to reinforce it prior to assembly if they would like. We try and pack it so it doesn’t get broken during shipping but it has a rough ride! Some customers have broken it upon assembly and we are not surprised when that happens.

From a customer:

After breaking the tab on the first stock you sent me, I learned a simple little trick that allowed the pin to slide in without a catch.  The pin (and hole) diameter is almost exactly the same as a #1 phillips head screw driver.  Use the taper of the phillips head to align and open the hole the first time the stock is assembled.  It will slide through the hole much easier than the pin.  Remove the screw driver and insert the pin with out having to force anything.  Bill

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