9-24-09 News

We want to update everyone with where we’re standing now:

Our molder has now received ALL our revised mold files from the manufacturer.  I’m supposed to meet with him Monday morning (9-28-09) to approve the revised mold files.  At that time, we will be given a date of completion for the manufacturing of the molds.

We’ve been told in the past that upon final approval, it takes eight weeks for completion.  We do not expect any further delays.  Upon completion, we will be sent three or four stock sets to check for fit and finish.  This is our guarantee that the molds are per specs.   After signing off on the completed molds, the manufacturer will then ship the molds to our molder.  This takes three to four weeks for arrival.  Upon receipt, it will take several days for the molder to set up production lines.

Please be assured we are trying to expedite this process to the best of our ability and your patience is greatly appreciated.

30 Responses to “9-24-09 News”

  1. SkSteven says:

    Glad to here some news, only heard about this project like 2 weeks ago and im already holding my breath for this thing to come out. I know uve said due to reasons u cant post pics. I would be more that happy to spread them all over the internet, Of course to should watermark the pic stated not final product or whatever. I think this will set alot of people at ease.

  2. Mike R says:

    Sounds great. Was looking forward to seeing it sooner, but a quality product takes time. It sounds like you guys are doing your best though, can’t wait for it to arrive.

  3. Bob Colston says:

    Please keep me updated. Am looking forward to receiving your stock

  4. Mike says:

    This product is super awesome and LONG overdue (at an affordable price). I can’t wait until I can get one of these, will definitely be buying one as soon as the release date is …. released! I love you guys! Please get this product to market!

  5. Hell yeah.

    So 8 weeks plus 4 weeks plus a few days and the stocks should be making their way out of the line.

    So the stocks should be leaving out and going to some people in either Jan or Feb.

    I guess that sounds about right.

  6. smileonempty says:

    Awesome news, was hoping it would be sooner, but better late than never :] should make a nice late birthday present to myself, lol. thanks for the update glaros

  7. Josh from Arizona says:

    Good enough for me! I was hoping to have mine by Christmas, but hell, you just can’t plan for every little glitch you might encounter in the system. I’m glad we have some dates to look forward to! Thanks SG Works!

  8. David Harmon says:

    wow thats longer than I expected, the kits were supposed to ship at the end of sept. Now the first shipment wont ship until around mid january i was under the impression that there was a 2-3 week delay on the start of shipping at the end of sept. i have my money in the product and want one so i guess ill wait but it makes me nervous the last information posted said that you were waiting on the prototype to arrive anyday, you were tooling up and then manufacture of the product would begin also that we would have an instalation video and close up picture’s. I dont know every step of the process that your going thru but you need to do a better job informing your investers of your product’s status. It sounds like you have the worked out and I hope you do , Any more delays would prove to me that either you are unable to complete manufacture of your bullpup kit or you have no intention of producing it. I wish you the best of luck i really want one and so do several of my friends

  9. Frank R. says:

    I am in complete support of this project, so for now, I’m still in. I love the design of the stock, and the second prototype addresses all of the improvements I would have tried to modify on my own. That saves me money and time as well. All thats left for me to do is have the patience for them to finish up the tooling process, and to trust in the integrity of manufacturer. The payoff will be my stock, and helping a new manufacturer in the gun industry that seems to have a bright future ahead of it. I’m willing to take that risk.

    I’d like to see an AK bullpup stock in the future as well 🙂

  10. Adama says:

    Iwish you good luck with the bullpup stock mines is slready paid for?? Adama

  11. mig4444 says:

    wow this is taking a lot longer than i thought it would. I really wanted it by no later than oct for a b-day gift..oh well what the hell can we do?(nothing i guess if you really want the product and i do).its really starting to worry me though…

  12. Adam says:

    Great… i wait two months to find out i have to wait three more. WTF Its only one gun. how in the hell could it take EIGHT WEEKS to make poly-injection molds? THREE OR FOUR WEEKS TO SHIP TO MOLDER? Are they carrying it on foot?? Setting up production lines? Have you ever heard of multi-tasking? The videos clearly indicates you have a few prototypes to toy with. sorry for the outburst, but i just hate for a plan to be made, only to fall through…

  13. A. Snead says:

    I have been following this product since I first seen it in shotgun news about 2 months ago. I am very interested in one, but i have a couple questions. Where is this stock actually being made…china,usa? Your home page it says American, but on your feed back page i read something about your waiting on a shipment from China??? I`m not a big fan of anything made in china. I was waiting on some pics an feed back of this stock seeing how the original ship date was supposed to be the first of this month, now i read that it wont be until sometime in Jan. My final question is why would you advertise this product as ready to sell to the public when you didn`t even have one ready to sell or even in production or close to production? It would seem to me that you would have had all the designs an other problems worked out an be ready for production before you even advertised this product an set a delivery date. I`m not try to sound mean or put down your product in any way, i`m glad somebody came up with this, it just seems that you should have thought through things a little more before trying to sell something that wasn`t even close to ready to sell. I know problems happen an you have no control over some so i`ll guess i`ll wait until Jan. before I make up my mind about buying one.

  14. Well remember that some of their guys are going into trouble because of the recession.

    I’m sure it’ll be fine.

    I’ll buy my stock though when the date for pre ordering special price finally is announced or a week before it ends.

  15. Jack from West Texas says:

    I can wait, not a problem.

  16. Linden says:

    Here’s one. Finally make a deadline on the reduced price. When rifle is ready to ship, remember the little people that had courage and belief enough to make a purchase and reward them in some special way. Reduced price on accessories, another kit, priority shipping, etc. etc.

  17. Josh in Afghanistan says:

    Damn, I was hoping to put it together while on leave in November… Ah, well. Gives me something to look forward to when I get home I reckon.

  18. Jack from West Texas says:

    @Josh in Afghanistan,
    Come to west Texas same dirt but warmer.

  19. TleeC11B says:

    @Josh from Alabama,

    that kinda sucks for me. I get deployed on Jan. 2nd so I wont get to play with mine until next year… damn. Oh well Atleast I’ll have one right. lol.

  20. Travis P. says:

    I waited over 13 months for a saiga 12 polymer drum, I saw many expected release dates come and go with no word on why for quite some time. I had faith in the guy building them because of the depth of detail in his updates, (too much detail to B.S.), but near the end there was an uncomfortable (for me) several weeks with no word from him at all. I canceled one of my orders (almost all 3 of them) and the drums literally started shipping 4 days later. I learned patience is a good thing to have if you want to truly be satisfied. The guy could have rushed out a product and have it end up with all sorts of issues and then he would get a bad reputation, and even worse, the product would have been labeled a P.O.S. and many people would have been disappointed. If these guys release a stock that works in the end, trust me you will be more happy than getting one in a couple weeks that doesn’t work as advertised. I haven’t ordered one yet, but I plan on it when I have more funds available, ( I have too many projects going on at the same time currently). If need be I will gladly pay the higher retail price later for a product that WORKS. Be patient as long as the guy is giving honest and timely updates, getting production going on a product is a huge undertaking, and especially so if you’re a small business who’s orders (in the manufacturing process) can be sidelined for an order from a bigger company that has the funding to get their production items expedited. God bless.

  21. Josh from Arizona says:

    It looks like Shernic is blessed with a group of devoted customers and stand-up guys as well, especially considering none of us even having a product yet. I just thought I’d add that in here, as not only am I satisfied so far with the confidence-inspiring level of communication we’ve seen from SG Works, but also how I’m supremely impressed with their customers. I never expected to see so much positive feedback and “shit happens” attitude from guys like me who are excited about a new product and dedicated to supporting a start-up American company with a product to be made here in the USA…

  22. Jack from West Texas says:

    once i asked for a USMC DI rifle drop. Or a video you striking the stock with a hammer would do. Better, throw the rifle.

  23. Texas says:

    Paypal Says That SG Works Cannot Receive Anymore Money??? What’s with that??

  24. Julius says:

    Cool. I can put off buying an SKS until a little later!

  25. strong_bad says:

    I concur with many of the statements given already… I am gaining confidence in Shernic, and will be anticipating the shipping date.

    Don’t forget to give us regular updates on the status. Let us know when the mold files are approved, when the molds are delivered, etc.

    And definitely make sure you make very clear how long the introductory price will be in place. I am sure many are waiting towards the very end to place their order.

    I assume the intro price will be around for another 12 weeks or so, at which time you will place your first order for the stocks. Is this a fairly accurate assumption?

    Also, I know I would very much like to see one of those prototypes make it into the hands of an SKS board moderator for a hands-on review (or someone with similar qualifications). I know I would be happy to write an objective review, as I am sure they would be as well.

  26. Jack from West Texas says:

    Once production starts. How many will be made in a day? Those who are waiting to buy at a later date should invest now. Buy two. That would be an AWESOME Christmas gift for wife or husband. Remember girls love guns.

  27. glaros says:


    I can feel your pain, Adam
    If we could expedite the process, we surely would.

  28. glaros says:


    You’re reading our minds. We’re trying to come up with a reasonable compensation for those of you who have been so patient and supportive.

  29. glaros says:


    We have remedied this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  30. glaros says:

    -The production of this stock is being conducted by American businesses. Our American-based manufacturer is creating the tools/molds in China. Upon completion, the tools/molds will be shipped back to us in the states and we will commence the first run of the stock kits!
    -It was our intention from the beginning to communicate that this product is “in production” and that any order at this time is a pre-order. We were expressly promised that the design files would be ready to send to our manufacturer in early June; in response to this we started getting the word out about this product for a late Sept shipment. However, our designer dropped the ball big time in following through with the prescribed dates leaving the whole production in limbo until he delivered the files. We’re a little confused as to where it was communicated to you that we had the product in stock ready to ship.