About Us

We are a small company with big plans. Our primary goal is ‘affordable equipment that works’. Presently, our SKS bullpup stock kit is the primary product around which our site is designed. However, as our business grows we plan on continuing to expand our product line. Our expansion will not be solely for the sake of expanding product line, but rather for equipment that is unique, affordable and necessary.

We support the promotion of the Second Amendment. Our goal is to educate the American public that the 2A isn’t about target shooting, collecting, hunting or even owning a pistol for the exclusive use in your home. It is about human freedom. Man has the God-given right of self-defense. This thought and belief is fully understood in the myriad of documents and letters of the founders of these United States. The intent of the Constitution of the United States of America becomes much more clear if prefaced with a thorough understanding of the Declaration of Independence.