Adam A. Sling Point 3-10-12

Shernic Gun Works

Recieved the sling point on Thursday. Was hoping for something a bit more permanent, maybe something that attached to the trigger assembly cover or a new trigger assembly cover with a sling point built in. But, beggars can’t be choosers, and the piece does go on quickly and easily and served it’s purpose quite well. While at the range it stayed snug and secure. Was concerned about the sling point shifting around on the stock but didn’t move even just a bit. Also I was thinking it would get old having to remove the sling point everytime you need to pull off the cover for cleaning, but just undo a couple of loop n pile straps it’s outta the way. All in all very happy with the piece and especially the stock kit, been thoroughly enjoying mine for about 7 months now. Thanks much. Looking forward to see what else you guys come up with.

Adam A.




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