This is a Norinco Chinese SKS, non-paratrooper model.

My kit arrived Saturday afternoon, and I had it installed by Saturday evening.  The assembly was rather straightforward, between the directions and having watched the assembly vid when it was first posted I had a good grip on what was required.

Since I don’t recall seeing anyone state that they installed on a modified Norinco, my details on the install process:

  • The previous owner had replaced the factory rear site with a ring, which still required removal.  No big surprise there.
  • There’s likely to be some blue tape on the rear of the lower, holding in the Trigger Return Spring.  Do yourself a favour and leave this in place until you’re ready to put the rear butt plates on.
  • The stock retainer required some filing to fit.  I’ve got about the snuggest fit you can image at this point.  I used a Dremel on low speed and a surgeon’s care to get it just right (marking the metal, trying to insert, seeing where the markings rubbed off, and taking down material only on that area).  I put about half an hour into this, but it beds in so tight it’s like a factory fit.
  • The two rear barrel supports did need to be removed and replaced with the .075 shim.  There are two screws that back them up, and one that threads in to hold them.  Rather than removing all three, I removed only the set screw, left the two on the side, and carefully removed the trigger linkage wire to get them out.  Simple and quick. The set screw is hard to get to, a ball-end Allen wrench works great here, once you have it loose.
  • There was a *little* play vertically on the rear end, where the trigger group rear end protrudes down.  Maybe 1-2 millimeters at most. I could not locate an area where I could have filed to adequately address this and didn’t want to get too hodge-podge on it and risk weakening any of the internal supports.  Once the trigger group is snapped in, there’s no problem here.
  • Getting the trigger linkage behind the trigger is a little tricky. PRO-TIP: Squeeze the trigger and it’ll create sufficient room to get it by.  You may also want to compress it while getting the pivot bolt in place.
  • The upper hand guard’s heat barrier needed some filing, also. However!  I am using a Tapco gas tube. This tube comes with its own rail, which I have removed, but their tube is *thick* walled, nothing at all like the factory gas tube, the OD is at least as thick as my middle finger.  A stock gas tube, or similar, will not likely to do this.
  • The upper handguard seated perfectly but the screw holes on the right were high just a *little*.  We’re talking less than a millimeter (no exageration).  No amount of squeezing or anything would seat it further (the tolerances on this kit are *amazing*!  No slop anywhere!).  Two or three very, very, *very* light passed with a micro rattrail addresses this.  Finesse is key here!

That’s it!  This was an easy installation, and I was happy to address each of the above.  I know how it fits, I know it fits well. Arguably better than other aftermarket stocks (generic polymer and an imitation Dragunov) which all seem to have some minor amount of slop or play in them.

General thoughts and observations:

  • Overall length, stem to stern with no muzzle brake, is 30.5 inches.
  • It would be nice if the safety bar allowed for a little less trigger place in the safe position.  Just a nicety, not a major issue. I’m used to Glock’s trigger safety and am well in the habit of not getting my finger anywhere near the trigger until I need to.
  • – Before you go bolting things together, snap on the grip halves and see how the trigger pivot pin fits in.  You’ll recognize proper seating when you go for final assembly that way.
  • The rear pin that holds the rear upper cover on is a *very* snug fit.  Nothing wrong with that.
  • The balance on this unit now is almost perfect, if anything it now leans a little towards the back.  The SKS is a heavy unit, let’s not kid ourselves.  Lightening it with a polymer stock was always a double-edged sword: It became lighter while balance was thrown way, way out front.  It’s now almost perfect, possibly the best we can hope for.  The muzzle brake I have (not the cheapest, but weighty) brings it almost entirely within level.  Amazing!
  • One previous feedback provider stated he as an engineer and was impressed with the work here.  Not being a professional engineer, but knowing good stuff when I see it and having gotten my hands dirty in a widespread collection of projects over the years, I have to echo this sentiment.  The internal structures and reinforcements in this kit are just *amazing*.  It’s great to see this level of thought and craftsmanship still alive in America today.

This package is well more than worth the wait.

(For a comparison, included are two “before” pictures on different stocks, same background.)

Aj, California

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