Allen R. OH 1-31-15

This is my review of SG WORKS BULLPUP. First thing I want to say is they have AN awesome customer service. I’ve emailed them several times before I bought this stock & they responded very fast. After I received the stock they still helped me with technical support, even on the weekends.
 Now on to the stock. I had an old beater Chinese sks that I paid $250 for this project. They weren’t kidding when you might have to dremel some . I had to dremel every place my gun came in contact on this stock. After I finally got everything to fit, it is in there tight. No movement what so ever. The trigger assembly was very easy to assemble & adjust. Just make sure the hammer is cocked back position or it won’t be adjusted right. Assembly & fitting probably took me about 3hrs.
 I installed a Vism red dot, laser & flashlight scope with quick disconnect / Magpul  pop up front & rear sights (247/248) / Tapco 20rd magazine / cut the barrel down 4 inches then threaded a muzzle brake on / then a UTG fore grip bi-pod.
I’m from Ohio so I haven’t been able to go outside to shoot this beast yet. This gun looks solid & tuff!
The only con(gripe) I have is the picatinny rail is all plastic. Maybe in the future they will mount a aluminum rail. I had problems with mine because they said they had some that shrunk & to shim my sights & scope. Other than that I am very pleased with the results of my SKS BULLPUP!
Thanks SG Works for a quality well built stock!
 ps: if you’re military they do offer a discount or the sling attachment.
Allen R. OH 1-31-15 Allen R. OH 1-31-15 B Allen R. OH 1-31-15 C

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