Andrew F. 10-27-12 IA

I just wanted to comment on how well the install went on my SKS M (Norinco Sporter) that takes AK mags. Aside from the minor filing pointed out in the instructions, everything came together nicely (I did cut the front sling ring off my rifle though, otherwise the stock would have needed some dramatic modifications). For anyone wondering, with the 16″ barrel, it comes out to right around 26.25″ (mine has a flash hider that ends up making it 28.5″ in length). I just wanted to share a few of the “compatibility issues” as far as magazines are concerned, for anyone considering converting an SKS M/D or Sporter that takes AK magazines.

1) 20rd Hungarian Tanker Magazine: Fit perfectly without any modifications whatsoever. In fact, the groove in the grip is perfect to align the magazine with the magwell, making it easier than ever to change mags. Who would have guessed?

2) 20rd ProMag Polymer (waffle) magazines: Too thick for both the magwell and the groove in the grip. Since I have four of these mags that I didn’t want to go to waste, I ended up widening the magwell on the stock, as well as shaving back the rear of the grip (as seen in the picture) until they could be inserted and removed as easy as the tanker mags. It looks more dramatic than it actually is. If I had it to do again, I’d probably just ditch the ProMags and stock up on the Hungarian mags.

3) 20rd Tapco Polymer magazines: Way too thick, even after the mods I made for the ProMags. I’d recommend steering clear of these unless you really want to risk getting too crazy with modifying your stock.

The only 30rd mag I tried was a Tapco magazine, which was way to thick and way too long to get the proper angle to seat it. There was no way it was going to fit. Given the angle required to seat the magazines properly, I’m planning on sticking with the 20rds. Aside from that, I threw a 14″ A.R.M.S. rail on it to raise my EOTech a little bit, as well as give the rifle a longer sight radius on for the pair of A.R.M.S. backup sights. The vertical grip is just something I had laying around and will probably get replaced, but overall I’m very pleased with the whole setup, and it handles beautifully on the range. Oh, and sorry for the crummy cell phone picture!

– Andrew F, Iowa

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