Andrew H. 4-22-11

SG Crew,
First off, a big thanks for the stock kit that finally arrived. Got everything adjusted and pieced together and the fit and finish is excellent. I still need to tear it all down and do some fine tuning just to satisfy my obsession for good assembly, but the kit itself is fantastic. All faults so far have been with the Chinese receiver I am using. My only issue has been with the trigger adjustment, which seems to not go fully into battery on every pull. I sometimes have to nudge the trigger forward to get the trigger inside the stock to reset. I did loosen the adjustment screw, but it is backed out as far as it can go and there is still some very slight preloading on the original trigger. I want to install a turnbuckle for the adjustment, but was wondering what recommendations you have to resolve the issue. As far as I can tell, my receiver is as far back in the stock as possible, though it is very, very difficult to tell as it is so dark in that groove back there. I could be wrong and need to remove more from the front of the kit in order to move the receiver back, but want to run it by you all before I do additional Dremel work. The other option I considered was installing a slightly heavier trigger return spring, but I don’t want to really increase the weight of the trigger. Aside from that, the kit has amazing balance and a great feel. Target acquisition is super fast with my Holosight, and mag changes are a breeze with the extended release lever. Attached a couple of bad cell phone photos for your viewing pleasure; I hope to do a video review in the near future.
Thank you,
Andrew H.
Hello,This has happened to 4 other Chinese SKS’s. We will send you an Extra Length Trigger Wire.



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