Andrew S. SC 7/21/14

So I just wanted to share with you the finished look. I used my Russian SKS that was already an awesome rifle and thought I’d make it even better and put into a bullpup stock. I love the way the rifle feels now. The kit is very balanced, it allows for easy movement with the rifle and allows me to get into comfortable shooting spots just like I would with my service M18. Every part is solid and has a tight fit. So it makes me feel comfortable that nothing is going to rattle loose, fall off or fall apart.
I highly recommend that you watch the video a couple times, read the instructions and pay close attention when installing the kit. I had to make minor adjustments to the kit to allow the rifle to sit inside properly ( they do mention this in the install video). I am not even close to a gunsmith so if I can do it  ANYONE CAN! The customer service is amazing. I had some questions about the 922(r) compliance and they were more then willing to answer everything I had ask. Again thank you for an amazing kit.
One recommendation, make an up-to-date install video so it fallows the newer kit design and maybe a video for the trigger replacement install.
Andrew S. SC 7.21.14_1 Andrew S. SC 7.21.14_2 Andrew S. SC 7.21.14_3 Andrew S. SC 7.21.14_4 Andrew S. SC 7.21.14_5

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