Andy B. 02-28-16 FL

I bought a previously “customized” SKS in 1992.  It was fun shoot and bad news for a multitude of feral hogs over the years. But it was always really unbalanced and front heavy.  It became more like work to have to fight with a long, heavy gun while dragging a dead hog out a swamp.  It’s been sitting in the back of my gun safe for about ten years – until I found you!  I thought you might like to see the transformation.  I just finished it yesterday and haven’t got to go to the range yet but it is now 16 inches shorter, two pounds lighter and just feels way more balanced.  Thanks for making my SKS fun to shoot again!!!

Andy B.Andy B. 2-28-16 FL (1)Andy B. 2-28-16 FL (2)Andy B. 2-28-16 FL (3)








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