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Chris C. 8-8-12

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

To begin with I have received my order in good condition and everything went together perfectly. Luckily no modifications or fittings were needed. The stock kit is well worth waiting for.

Thank you.

Chris C.


7-24-12 Marc R.

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012



Thanks for the quick response and am looking forward to the replacement part. How much would it cost me to keep the broken one vice shipping it back? I would like to experiment a bit with reinforcing that piece with a really thin piece of spring/tensile steel or something comparable. I would be more than happy to supply you with my results. Being such a thin piece and I remove my receiver for cleaning after every few times of shooting, I can really see this possibly happening again.

Also, with the exception of the Receiver Cover, I have put the rest of the SKS/Pup together. I have to say, I am really impressed how this looks and feels. I have included before and after pictures  with the receiver cover just sitting in place, but even it fits nicely. Well worth the wait!


–          Chinese Norinco SKS Type 56 (Used)

–          Murray’s Stainless Steel  Firing Pin and Spring

–          SKS Recoil Buffer

–          Removed Front Sight and Cut Barrel down a few inches

–          Crowned barrel with 90 and 11 degree tools

–          Threaded barrel 14×1 LH and added Tapco Muzzle Break

–          Completely stripped, degreased, cleaned, re-blued (Brownells Oxpho-Blue) and oiled before reassembling

–          Shernic Gun Works Bullpup Kit


Marc R.



SGW to Marc. R.
That part of the design has been a weak from the beginning-our designer said he fixed it and we went ahead and had the molds made. We have a metal piece that we will be offering that on our store page for customers very soon to reinforce it prior to assembly if they would like. We try and pack it so it doesn’t get broken during shipping but it has a rough ride! Some customers have broken it upon assembly and we are not surprised when that happens.

From a customer:

After breaking the tab on the first stock you sent me, I learned a simple little trick that allowed the pin to slide in without a catch.  The pin (and hole) diameter is almost exactly the same as a #1 phillips head screw driver.  Use the taper of the phillips head to align and open the hole the first time the stock is assembled.  It will slide through the hole much easier than the pin.  Remove the screw driver and insert the pin with out having to force anything.  Bill

Dobro H. ABI Imports Ent.

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Feb. 6, 2011


Just wanted to let you know that I have received the kit, thank you very much.
My first impression after unpacking was simply WOW ! beautiful ! Hot looking! I like it very much! You guys did a great job !

I’m still getting familiar with the manual and started preliminary fitting of the parts. It appears to be relatively simple and as you mentioned in the manual that some of the details may require a little fitting/adjustments. That is expected in the beginning stages of every new product, I fully understand that, it is not a problem for me.
I will document the entire assembly as I go and as much as I can to give you some feedback from customers point of view.
(That is if you are interested). I thing (it is my believe) that this should sell very well, pertaining that it will behave as good as it looks
on the ranch. I will keep you posted.
Again Great job !

Thanks for your input, the kit is already assembled and it was relatively easy and simple, little bit of grinding here and there, but nothing major, the upper hand guard was no big issue,  It is a beautiful kit, looks really Bad A……. I have added rear sling eye (attachment) and working on some sort of butt cushioning, something to consider for future additions. I will send you some pics before the end of the week.


Sorry for the delay, but here are the pics that I promised you. You can clearly see the butt extension (3 pc) ,the rear sling eye, bayo. attachment, which consequently takes all 3 different bayonets without any changes to the new bracket and additional grip clearance to accept 30 rd mags. There will be one more addition in the near future and that is a forward grip. I find that mounting the grip in the bottom front rails takes away valuable space for other more important gadgets. (in my opinion).


Shernic Gun Works: History

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

The purpose of this post is to bring up to date all of the new visitors to our site. While we have shared varying parts of this information many times with many people over the phone, we have never put the whole story in black and white for people to read. We apologize in advance for its wordiness.

It started in the mid part of 07’. I had spent a lot of time on the net reading everything I could on SKS Bull pups in an effort to modernize the SKS into a decent defensive arm as California law made it difficult to acquire legal AK’s and AR’s. As I was mowing the yard one day the idea dropped into my head of making a Bullpupped SKS which would be California Legal.  Growing up, I was always coming up with ideas to make this or that, but they were always dismissed as just dreams. The Bullpup idea was different.  Nothing had ever been as clear. In my spare time it took almost a year to build a non-working model out of wood, plastic, PVC, and fiberglass. It took another six months to come up with a trigger linkage that would work.

I was led to a man through my construction work who in his past had actually worked in private and government projects bringing ideas to production. He basically took me under his wing and walked me through the necessary steps to hook up with a designer and manufacturer.

At this point we were able to fairly accurately price out the project.  After finding out the maximum amount I could take out of my retirement, we were still short by a substantial amount.  Based on the number of people who seemed to be interested in a bull pup stock for the SKS (anecdotal evidence), a pre-sale seemed to be the only way we could raise the necessary funds. Also, we were actually helped by the economic downturn which reduced prices of steel and margins to a point which made it possible for us to move ahead.

The design work was to take about six weeks. Long story short it took almost six months. The designer was hit very hard by the economic slowdown.  We felt we were running out of both time and money. Out of the blue, I was told by the designer that he would deliver the completed, updated build files in five days, and the final 3D model within another three to four days.  Now we felt behind the ball. In order to raise the money in time, we felt we had to have Shot Gun News advertisements come out on the same day as our web site went live. These advertisements required a 30 day advance reservation. Simultaneously, we would be hitting gun shows in order for customers to be able to see and feel the stock up close. This “plan” was our first big mistake. We received the build files not in five days but rather six months. We never received our final 3D model.  It was too late to cancel the advertisements, so we felt compelled to move forward. This led to our first two ship dates being moved back.

We finally received the build files and were assured by the designer that all the changes made as a result of our first prototype had been added to the files. The tool manufacturer met the schedule they had originally given us. After receiving our first articles, we found eight items where the revised dimensions and/or changes had not been added to the files. Five of these items could not be easily corrected with a Dremel operation. It cost us five more weeks and several thousands of dollars to have the corrections made.

Once we had received stocks made out of the correct materials, we began testing aspects of the stock other than fit and feel, etc. We had established a minimum level of stock performance we felt the stock needed to meet in order for us to feel right about what we were doing and so that our customers would be getting good value for their hard earned money.  The testing led us to add steel and wood barriers, barrel support inserts and reinforcement plates. We also determined at the end of the testing that the upper hand guard would need to be opened up for better ventilation for those who would do more than casual shooting and plinking. From the beginning, we wanted to build a stock which if you needed to throw several hundred rounds down range in only a handful of minutes, the stock would perform not only during, but after such an episode.

Once we knew what the final product would be, we began to gather parts cost and assembly time data. As we began to see a ship date coming into view, we estimated what out presales would be and added several hundred more to the order that made up our first run.  As soon as the first run was completed we began the modification process of the upper hand guard to improve ventilation. As we approached the end of our presale, which would begin our shipping, we had a surge of presale orders which far out paced our projections.  We put in an order for a second run to put us ahead of the game again. In a few short weeks we received all of the ordered parts except for the upper hand guard. The modification of the tool was still in progress. Based on the schedules we had received prior, we would have the upper hand guards well before we ran out of the first run hand guards. Our second big mistake was that we sold way more presales than we ever imagined at a presale price which should have been $30.00 higher.  Fortunately, my wife and I kept our day jobs during all of this, as we need to eat too.

So here we are at the present, waiting for the tool modifications to be completed. Our parts manufacturer received the tool from the welders today. (1-3-11) I don’t know how this can happen, but the tool had to be sent to the welder four times. If the present schedule holds up, the modifications should be complete by the end of this week/ first of next week. It is possible we could have the upper hand guards by the end of next week. If this plan holds up, we would resume shipping again Monday, January 10, 2011.


Richard G.

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010
Picked my kit up today and put it together. You do not need to cut off the front sling on the Ms. You can just cut in a inlet instead.
The yellow is what I took out. It was a Pain. Also since I left the sling mount on it gets in the way of the bracket for the tri-rail and will need to be trimmed a little. Funny thing, if you look on the SGW site FAQ it now says “We have found that there are two types of SKS’s that our stock kit will not work with: The Albanian and certain Norinco Paratrooper models that have a shorter than standard gas tube. Our SKS Bullpup Stock Kit is designed to fit a standard SKS in which the front edge of the receiver to the back edge of the forward sling point measures approximately 12 1/8″ or more. If yours is less, the stock can be made to fit, but will require modification of your SKS or our stock by you.”
This is what I meant by the inletting–this is on a model M. The gas system on these are shorter so the front sling mount is in the way. That’s how I worked around it without cutting up the M.
Got the 30s worked out. Just a tip for anyone else with a M. The Tapco mags will not work, they are way to wide. You can Dremel one down, but I’m not sure I would trust the one I did it to now.

Ashe SKS Board Supporter

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

This is my D mounted in a SGW bullpup. I had to remove the sling ring from the gas block to clear the stock. As you can see I really had to work the pistol grip to clear the 30 round mags. The mags fit into the recess in the pistol grip and then just rock into place. Mag removal is kind of weird until you get used to it. You have to squeeze the release and pull the mag back and then rock forward into the recess and then it drops free. I need to clean up the pistol grip a bit and reblue the bolt a couple of more times. I opened the air vents on the hand guard according to the instructions that came with the stock. This is my M.

Kendell W.

Sunday, October 10th, 2010


I received and installed my bullpup stock today, and I have to say, i was very impressed by the quality and how well the stock was put together. The hardest part was filing the wood to fit my gas tube, the rest was cake! Install was easy and the gun handles great, the extended mag release was a nice bonus, and I’m definitely looking forward to getting my tri-rail mounted up so i can attach my the grip i bought for it. Even with the cheap-o red dot sight that I’m using for now, the gun felt very well balanced and was a blast to shoot, almost like a new gun entirely :] Thanks again for the excellent product and service, I look forward to future products through ya’ll!


From his review on SKS Boards:

installation was a breeze, hardest part for me was filing down the wood in the front handguard, as i had to do it with file and dre…mel like i would have preferred. i only had 30 rounds layin around, but i had a blast shooting each and every one of them. the stock is near perfect to my expectations, some rough edges, but nothing 2 seconds of filing couldnt even out. deff nothing thats gonna wipe the smile off my face every time i pick it up. it’s a little intense being that close to the action when the thing goes off, but nothing really worth fearing. the stock itself feels solid and tight. i think my trigger may need some fine tuning, but other than that she’s mechanically sound. all i want now is the rails for my tri-rail mount and then i’ll be 100% satisfied. well worth the wait, if i had the choice, even knowing it would take a 13 months to actually get it, i’d buy it all over again.

Gary V.

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

After a year of waiting for my conversion kit, I have to say it was worth the wait.  I put it together Friday and did some testing today.


1.      Kit went together quite well,  had a junk old SKS – looked bad but shot well. On assembly of the kit I only ran into one problem ( the trigger group had to be ground off on the rear behind locking assembly,) NO BIG DEAL !!  The kit fit together with very close tolerances, much, much better than expected.  Quality of workmanship and design is excellent. Screw holes made it easy to attach my own laser and light.  One suggestion: wished I would have had (4) more of the screws ¾ “ long to attach my accessories and make them match.

2.      Have attached some pictures of my finished project.



Rechargeable Tactical Light 240 Lumens

BEAMSHOT Tactical Green Laser Sight

AIMPOINT 1X or 2X Red Dot Sight

30 Shot detachable Mag

Muzzle Brake

Attached Bipod


Thanks Again ,


P.S.  Almost forgot clay pigeons at 50 yards no problem.