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Shawn R. 10-30-15 UT

Friday, October 30th, 2015

I received my bullpup stock this morning and was very impressed with it. Good solid hardware, very rugged and, after instalation, very comfortable and well balanced. Installation was simple. It took me about 2 hours to fully complete, and im a perfectionist. I only had to sand off about .5mm off the front of the lower piece, then my Norinco paratrooper sks fit in perfectly. The instructions weren’t very explanatory, but it was a fairly self explanatory installation. Im very happy with it, the customer service of your company is fantastic, and it was well worth the time and money. I hope you’ll post this review on your website, along with these photos. Ive already gotten many compliments on the weapon.

Shawn R. 10-30-15 UT (5) Shawn R. 10-30-15 UT (4) Shawn R. 10-30-15 UT (3) Shawn R. 10-30-15 UT (1) Shawn R. 10-30-15 UT (2)

Josh M. 10-20-15 CT

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015
I recently ordered your kit and was excited to see how well I would work. After realizing I needed a longer than normal trigger wire I contacted you guys via email and received a prompt response and was told you guys would send one out to me. Not too much longer I received the LTNTW  in the mail and completed the installation. I took it to the range and before I had even test fired it I had people asking me about it and I had nothing but great things to say about the kit and your customer service. Everything functioned flawlessly. I just wanted to thank you for your great product as well as the superior customer service I received. I will not hesitate to tell others about this kit. Thank you!

Robert W. 10-19-15 FL

Monday, October 19th, 2015
I would like to thank you for the great looking and well engineered bullpup stock for the SKS. It went together with no hiccups or problems, about 45 mins and I was testing it out.  A great fit and would buy again wth confidence. SGWORKS was great in customer service and couldn’t ask for a better product or service.
Thank you
Robert W. 10-19-15 FL (1) Robert W. 10-19-15 FL (2) Robert W. 10-19-15 FL (3) Robert W. 10-19-15 FL (4)

Duane W. 10-5-15 ID

Monday, October 5th, 2015

I am including some interesting photos of my Shernic Gun Works SKS Bull Pup modified with a Madhouse DSS – Dual Sight System.  Even though I do not use the pass through on the DSS it puts the sights up comfortably higher making the SKS even more usable then before.   The flip up sights are sighted in for close quarters and the optics sighted in for 75 Yards plus.  The Iron sights look through the optics.

The DSS is very sturdy and very well made just like the Shernic SKS Bull Pup Stock.  I feel this is a great combination.

Duane J. W.


Duane W. 10-5-15 ID (1)


Duane W. 10-5-15 ID (2)

With Sights Up

Duane W. 10-5-15 ID (3)

Chris B. 07-21-15 MO

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

Growing up in Orange County CA. I never had much experience with guns. I moved to Missouri in 2002 and much to my delight … Gun availability was dreamy … More importantly Gun Rights were understood and respected by the locals.

A couple years living here and i had a few guns but was looking for DIFFERENT …  I was approached by a friend who had some guns for sale and offered them to me, I accepted … We went to an FFL to do the transfer and one of them was a Chinese SKS in amazing condition,
So it looked, my first trip to the range i noticed the wood felt kinda “loose” … IT WAS CRACKED … Your bullpup kit saved the day … I LOVE IT … I have been in the midwest for 13 years now and i have found building guns is a hobby … Along with great customer service and an honest description, Their product is a great buy !!

Below are the three different results of what happens when i get bored with the same look … Black n grey is current look !!

Chris B. 07-21-15 MO (1) Chris B. 07-21-15 MO (2) Chris B. 07-21-15 MO (3)

CJ 07-06-15 TX

Monday, July 6th, 2015
To whom it may concern- I completed my SKS/SGW conversion on the 4th of July (no better way to celebrate American independence than by working on a commie rifle, amiright?), and I’m VERY pleased with the outcome! Mine is a Norinco, with 4″ of barrel removed and threaded 9/16-24. The diameter of the barrel is insufficient to provide an adequate shoulder to seat my mount/brake, so I used a jam nut that I polished down such that the wrench flats on the nut line up with the wrench flats on the brake once it is properly indexed to the action. In any event, the SG Works conversion process went REALLY smoothly, especially for a product that is built to fit rifles with such a wide variation in key dimensions. Some light material removal was required in order to get the trigger group to lock in (which in turn allowed for a completely slop-free fit), and a bit more around the bolt cover takedown pin lever. The spacer in the upper hand guard cover was slightly over-sized, which again, allowed me to achieve a nice, tight fit with my op-rod tube.
I topped off the conversion with a Leupold Mark AR 1.5-4 in a Nikon M-223 mount (installed reversed in order to achieve proper eye relief). The can is a Silencerco/SWR Specwar 762… and while I couldn’t find much info regarding suppressing an SKS, I am happy to report that MY gun (I make no promises regarding any other gun) runs great, both with and without the can!! Running Herter’s 122gr HP ammo, there’s still the sonic crack of the round, of course, but the gun seems to handle suppression quite well. I think I’ve found my new hog hunting setup!
CJ 7.6.15 TX

Waylon 06-14-15

Monday, June 15th, 2015

During this build I found that the SKS-M and SKS-D that accepts AK-47 Magazines will accept the following mags with NO MODIFICATION….

Steel AK-47 20 round mag
ProMag 75 round polymer drum
Any AK-47 10 round magazine.

With minor modifications to the magazine it will accept a 20 round ProMag.

ANY 30 round magazine will take careful, lengthy, and skilled modification to the SG Works stock.

Still a fun build, quality weapon, and prestigious weapon to own!

IMG_7440IMG_7436IMG_7426 IMG_7427 IMG_7428 IMG_7430IMG_7425image1 image2 image3 image5 image6 image7 image8

Derick J. 06-14-15 NM

Monday, June 15th, 2015

My new toy. ……….

Derick J. 06-14-15 NM (1) Derick J. 06-14-15 NM (2) Derick J. 06-14-15 NM (3) Derick J. 06-14-15 NM (4)

Ed C. 05-25-15 AZ

Monday, May 25th, 2015

I picked it up this morning from the dipper and re assembled it and here it is.

Mine was an old Norinco SKS that I bought back in the 80’s. I had always wanted one of these kits. Finally I broke down and bought one. Wow. The fit and quality of the kit amazed me. This isn’t some drop in conversion, when this is done everything fits like it’s supposed to. The trigger linkage is adjustable and does not detract from the SKS trigger. After I had the kit done for about a year I decided to take it apart and “mess” with it. I had the barrel shortened and added a brake. I took the stock to a friend here in AZ and had him Duracoat and Hydro-dip it. He added a flat clear-coat over it and I can’t stop staring at it. I haven’t tried out the brake yet but I’m sure it’s going to be great. In summery, this SG Works kit took an old, beat-up SKS and made it into a very comfortable, shootable bullpup. Everyone that sees it has to stop and talk about it.

Ed C. 05-25-15 AZ (1) Ed C. 05-25-15 AZ (2) Ed C. 05-25-15 AZ (3) Ed C. 05-25-15 AZ (4)

Peter H. 05-23-15 AL

Saturday, May 23rd, 2015

From a sow’s ear to a silk purse

I’d owned a YUGO SKS 59/66 for quite a few years and though it’s a very well built gun, just couldn’t get to love the look of the gun. I’d shot it in it’s original configuration off a bi-pod but, had to have that damned bayonet extended.  Shots were very tight!  Again just couldn’t love all that weight and metal hanging off the front, not to mention that wood stock (don’t get me wrong, I love wood stocks on the right gun).
I tried the TAPCO Intrafuse SKS stock with the bayonet cut out stock.  But, yet it just didn’t that “LOOK” factor.  Oh, yes it was better than original and yet, still lacking.
I can’t remember how exactly I came across Shernic Gun Works Bull Pup set up (vaguely maybe on eBay, he was marking the price WAY UP)?  I know I did see some on YouTube, after the initial curiosity I bought  a kit from eBay.
When I received it, I was well, for the lack of a word IMPRESSED!  First and foremost in my Bull Pup conversion was removing a pound and a half of metal off the front!  Bayonet, muzzle brake, grenade launcher sight and 3-1/2” of barrel.  Re-crowned barrel and re-threaded for a M-16 style bird cage muzzle brake.  Completely disassembled the bolt, removed machining marks, polished all parts, did a trigger job doing the same as the bolt.  Talk about smooth as a Singer sewing machine!
Only thing I would call a draw back is the dust cover, after watching reviews on YouTube and failure of the dust cover due to adhesion problems.  I went to correct the problem and mine came of with little to no effort what?  I JB Weld (awesome stuff, used it for 30 years)mine back.  But, I’d like to see this cover made from aircraft grade billet aluminum.  I also put in “Buffer-Technology’s” SKS buffer, which in my opinion helps quiet down the action and felt recoil (but, has a limited life).
Assembly was flawless, just had to have patience with the trigger bar.  Didn’t care for the thumb screws for the upper receiver but, my inquiry to you for the pan-heads/button screws, set that right and WOW minimal cost too boot!
To get my final look, I topped off the Pup with a BSA 2X42 close combat sight and a UTG vertical grip.
To be sure, I get a lot of positive feedback on my build, that can’t believe it’s the same gun.  All in all, very well spent money and an enjoyable build.
Peter H. 05-23-15 AL (1)
Peter H. 05-23-15 AL (2)
Peter H. 05-23-15 AL (7)
Peter H. 05-23-15 AL (8)
Peter H. 05-23-15 AL (9)
Peter H. 05-23-15 AL (10)
Peter H. 05-23-15 AL (6) Peter H. 05-23-15 AL (5) Peter H. 05-23-15 AL (4) Peter H. 05-23-15 AL (3)