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FML update 9/25/17

Monday, September 25th, 2017

To our chagrin and embarrassment we are still in a holding pattern awaiting the initial test run by the new die-casting company.

We are being told it will happen this next week.

In our last update, we had just received the latest shots and the parts were great. It was at this time we decided we would need an additional pad bringing the total to three and shorten one of the original two pads. We were told it would be a slam dunk to add the third pad, and we could go ahead and make arrangements to proceed with the first run.

We really felt we should test run the tool one more time, and it was right after that final test run that the falling out occurred between our tool maker and die-caster. The tool had been shimmed during the shots and the parts were out of dimension and with excessive amounts of flash. We believed it was for the best so we moved on to another die-caster.

During the past 7 years or so, the politicans in Sacramento have inadvertently driven a substantial number of die-casters either out of business or out of California. The ones who remain are very busy.

Anyway, it is our hope that as soon as the tool is test run this next week, we can go ahead and make arrangements for the first run to proceed. We will keep you posted.

We really appreciate your patience. Thank you.

Please see our “Store Page” for Current Ship Time

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

Shipping Status Update: We ship within 1 business day

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

We will not be updating this page anymore as we have caught up and are shipping within 1 business day. SGW

(Refer to this page as we will be updating what we have currently processed on the 15th and through the end of the month that we are currently processing)

We have currently shipped orders through July 17, 2013.

Phone calls taken M-T, TH 10:00 am-5pm PST. Please email us if your questions are not answered on our website.

***Thank you for your patience during this process.

Great News 5-27-12

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

We realize it has been very frustrating for a lot of people (for us too!) due to the fact that we have been been so slow in delivering  our stock kits. We have been working for months and months (and months!) to acquire funding for the expansion of our operations. There have been numerous times during this period where the funding was “only a few weeks away”, only to find out there was an additional hoop for us to jump through.

Well, the good news is, we are excited to say that we now have acquired the funding that we needed. This past week we have already doubled our work force with plans to quadruple it again within the next week or two.  As you know, we can’t hire people already trained in our operations and the functions that need to be performed. It will take several weeks to get them up to speed to the point where we are able to post a new ship schedule. However, since we are past the glut of orders placed in December 2010, you will see  a decrease in the time it takes to go through each succeeding month. We encourage you to continue to check the Shipping Status Update on the right hand side of our web page under Latest News.

Also this latest funding will allow us to begin on the prototyping of several products we have had in the works.

We are very thankful for all of our customer’s that placed orders for stocks and have been so patient as we have struggled through this learning process.

Production Status for Upper Hand Guard

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

We got the latest news from our manufacturer today regarding the Upper Hand Guard modification. They are into the last of 3 phases needed to accomplish the modification. The first of which was to weld up the areas that are to become the expanded ventilation slots. The second, machine the welded up areas to the proper depth. The final phase is to cut the final width/height dimensions with a EDM machine. The EDM machine cutting is going a little slower than they anticipated due to the hardness of the steel.

The latest time estimates is as follows: 3-4 days cutting for each side, and 1-2 days for the hand finish work and heavy sand blasting. We are already 1 day into the first side as of 1-18-11. As soon as this work is done it takes a half a day to put the tooling in the machine and prep to run.

In our last post we wrote the date for possible completion, based on everything working out, to be on the 10th, however, as some of you have figured out, we meant the 17th. As you all know, production dates always work out perfectly on paper; one of our manufacturer’s machines broke down and our project was temporarily put on hold. We wish we had more control over these things.

To clear up any possible confusion regarding the Hand Guard modification, we did not build an additional tool for this hand guard. We modified our existing tool, which is a permanent change. We believe that the Upper Hand Guard modification makes the stock not only more effective, but aesthetically better.

Lastly, we would like to let everyone know that while we have not been shipping for lack of Upper Hand Guards, we have been preparing the other components of the stock. We have quite a stock  pile of finished parts (it takes roughly 3 hours for us to process each kit) which will enable us to  rapidly ship out a large number of stock kits once shipping resumes.

Once we resume shipping, the best way for you to know when you will receive your stock kit is to watch the right hand side of our Home page under “Latest News”: Shipping Status Update. (We will send you a tracking number once we process your order.) Shipping will clip along but slow down due to a high order volume during the first week of August 2010, and the last week of December 2010. You can call (we prefer email as we are a small family run business) if you do not know your order date. Feel free to email or call if your questions are not answered in our FAQ’s or “Latest News” posts. Thank you.

Update: 2-3-11

We were very disappointed to find out that our manufacturer is running around 2 weeks behind their “best case” projections for completing the mod. This modification requires precision electrodes to be made for the EDM machine. The actual cutting process is taking longer than what they anticipated. As of right now, one side of the tool is completed. After having a heart to heart with the owner, he has assured us that worse case the mod will be done in two weeks. We have literally hundreds of kits ready to go out once we receive the Upper Hand Guards. You will see quick progress on the right hand side of our home page under “Latest News”-Shipping Status Update (with the exception of the 1st week in August just before our pre-sale ended).


We heard from our manufacturer that the tool modification is to be completed by this Tuesday 2-15-11. We expect our tooling to be loaded and test run that same week. Right now they are checking on their presently running jobs for the first machine they can use to do our test run. As soon as they have that information we will pass that on.


We found out Tues. (2-15-11) that on Monday afternoon, while half way through the EDM cutting on the 2nd side, the electrode somehow shifted and cut  a portion too deep. Tuesday morning our manufacturer had to run the tooling back to the welder to build out the small portion that was cut too deep. The welder said he would likely have the work done by this Thursday (2-17-11) and our manufacturer would pick it up Friday morning. Worst case it would be done Friday and our manufacturer will pick it up Monday morning. The tool maker already has the last two electrodes made. He says once he gets the tooling back he would only need about 2 days to finish cutting and the little bit of hand work that will need to be done. We are very disappointed with this news but makes us all the more excited for the day we can get back to shipping the stock kits out again.


The tool was picked up from the welders this morning and our manufacturer began the cutting process. They are expecting be finished this Wednesday. It will take 1/2 a day set the tooling up in their machine and they will do a test run once the material is to temperature. After a successful test run they will set up for the actual run. We will keep you posted.


Our manufacturer is currently finishing up the last little bit of hand work on our tool! They will load up our tool in their machine tonight and will run our order tomorrow morning (a 6-7 hour job). They will drop it by our warehouse tomorrow afternoon on 2-26-11.


We now have the upper Hand Guards in our possession! Shipping resumes according to order date tomorrow. You can follow our progress on the right hand side of our home page under “Latest News” – Shipping Status Update. We will update the shipping status as we complete shipping through the 15th and the end of each month. Please contact us regarding shipping ONLY if you do not remember your order date so we can concentrate our efforts on shipping. Thank you!

Shernic Gun Works: History

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

The purpose of this post is to bring up to date all of the new visitors to our site. While we have shared varying parts of this information many times with many people over the phone, we have never put the whole story in black and white for people to read. We apologize in advance for its wordiness.

It started in the mid part of 07’. I had spent a lot of time on the net reading everything I could on SKS Bull pups in an effort to modernize the SKS into a decent defensive arm as California law made it difficult to acquire legal AK’s and AR’s. As I was mowing the yard one day the idea dropped into my head of making a Bullpupped SKS which would be California Legal.  Growing up, I was always coming up with ideas to make this or that, but they were always dismissed as just dreams. The Bullpup idea was different.  Nothing had ever been as clear. In my spare time it took almost a year to build a non-working model out of wood, plastic, PVC, and fiberglass. It took another six months to come up with a trigger linkage that would work.

I was led to a man through my construction work who in his past had actually worked in private and government projects bringing ideas to production. He basically took me under his wing and walked me through the necessary steps to hook up with a designer and manufacturer.

At this point we were able to fairly accurately price out the project.  After finding out the maximum amount I could take out of my retirement, we were still short by a substantial amount.  Based on the number of people who seemed to be interested in a bull pup stock for the SKS (anecdotal evidence), a pre-sale seemed to be the only way we could raise the necessary funds. Also, we were actually helped by the economic downturn which reduced prices of steel and margins to a point which made it possible for us to move ahead.

The design work was to take about six weeks. Long story short it took almost six months. The designer was hit very hard by the economic slowdown.  We felt we were running out of both time and money. Out of the blue, I was told by the designer that he would deliver the completed, updated build files in five days, and the final 3D model within another three to four days.  Now we felt behind the ball. In order to raise the money in time, we felt we had to have Shot Gun News advertisements come out on the same day as our web site went live. These advertisements required a 30 day advance reservation. Simultaneously, we would be hitting gun shows in order for customers to be able to see and feel the stock up close. This “plan” was our first big mistake. We received the build files not in five days but rather six months. We never received our final 3D model.  It was too late to cancel the advertisements, so we felt compelled to move forward. This led to our first two ship dates being moved back.

We finally received the build files and were assured by the designer that all the changes made as a result of our first prototype had been added to the files. The tool manufacturer met the schedule they had originally given us. After receiving our first articles, we found eight items where the revised dimensions and/or changes had not been added to the files. Five of these items could not be easily corrected with a Dremel operation. It cost us five more weeks and several thousands of dollars to have the corrections made.

Once we had received stocks made out of the correct materials, we began testing aspects of the stock other than fit and feel, etc. We had established a minimum level of stock performance we felt the stock needed to meet in order for us to feel right about what we were doing and so that our customers would be getting good value for their hard earned money.  The testing led us to add steel and wood barriers, barrel support inserts and reinforcement plates. We also determined at the end of the testing that the upper hand guard would need to be opened up for better ventilation for those who would do more than casual shooting and plinking. From the beginning, we wanted to build a stock which if you needed to throw several hundred rounds down range in only a handful of minutes, the stock would perform not only during, but after such an episode.

Once we knew what the final product would be, we began to gather parts cost and assembly time data. As we began to see a ship date coming into view, we estimated what out presales would be and added several hundred more to the order that made up our first run.  As soon as the first run was completed we began the modification process of the upper hand guard to improve ventilation. As we approached the end of our presale, which would begin our shipping, we had a surge of presale orders which far out paced our projections.  We put in an order for a second run to put us ahead of the game again. In a few short weeks we received all of the ordered parts except for the upper hand guard. The modification of the tool was still in progress. Based on the schedules we had received prior, we would have the upper hand guards well before we ran out of the first run hand guards. Our second big mistake was that we sold way more presales than we ever imagined at a presale price which should have been $30.00 higher.  Fortunately, my wife and I kept our day jobs during all of this, as we need to eat too.

So here we are at the present, waiting for the tool modifications to be completed. Our parts manufacturer received the tool from the welders today. (1-3-11) I don’t know how this can happen, but the tool had to be sent to the welder four times. If the present schedule holds up, the modifications should be complete by the end of this week/ first of next week. It is possible we could have the upper hand guards by the end of next week. If this plan holds up, we would resume shipping again Monday, January 10, 2011.


Re: Shipping This Week

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

The metal reinforcements came in today (a week later than we were told) and we are scheduled to pick them up from being black oxided noon tomorrow. We have been busy building triggers, hinges, prepping the main housing for reinforcements, heat barriers, inserts and everything that goes into the stocks. Our metal stamping company has never been late on any of our parts until the metal reinforcements.

In order for us to be effective please call only if you have a question that does not concern where you are in line to receive your stock kit. We will post our progress towards your order date under “Latest News”. Please email us if you do not remember your order date or have a change in address. We definitely understand your anxiety about receiving your kits (given all the delays), but if you would help us out in this way, it will help us speed up the shipping process.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We have posted pics of the two accessories on our Facebook page:!/album.php?aid=201971&id=350526958536

Dis-Assembly/Assembly Video on YouTube

Friday, August 6th, 2010

We have an assembly video on YouTube-we need our webmaster to convert the media files before we can post them on our site.

We are working on a montage to show off our Bullpup Stock kit in action.

Pre-Sale Over August 7, 2010/Shipping August 8, 2010!

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

We will begin our shipping process within two weeks from today, July 23, 2010!!! We were able to confirm this morning that the metal reinforcements would be finished in time to begin shipping August 8, 2010. We will start shipping sooner if we receive them earlier. The price for our SKS Bullpup Kit will be going to the retail price August 8. The Front Tri-rail Mount Option/Accessory will be $24 and the Extended Magazine Release Lever Accessory for detachable magazines will be $18 and will not be included with the stock kits after August 7, but will be offered separately.

We will be posting an assembly video and close-up pictures the first of this next week.

Update 7-7-10

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Great news! All of the Zytel parts have been run and they look great. The inserts are just about completed. We are scheduled to pick up our metal parts, which are having a black oxide finish applied, this coming Monday 7-12-10. The only metal part we have not received is a metal reinforcement which we can install at the end of our assembly process. We plan on beginning the assembly process this coming Tuesday, 7-13-10. It looks promising that we will be able to announce our two week count down ending our pre-sale by 7-16-10. This announcement would also mean that shipping would begin the day after our pre-sale ends. As a reminder, we will ship according to order date. We will keep you informed as to the month we are currently processing under “Latest News” on our home page. Assembly video coming soon.