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Derick J. 06-14-15 NM

Monday, June 15th, 2015

My new toy. ……….

Derick J. 06-14-15 NM (1) Derick J. 06-14-15 NM (2) Derick J. 06-14-15 NM (3) Derick J. 06-14-15 NM (4)

Ed C. 05-25-15 AZ

Monday, May 25th, 2015

I picked it up this morning from the dipper and re assembled it and here it is.

Mine was an old Norinco SKS that I bought back in the 80’s. I had always wanted one of these kits. Finally I broke down and bought one. Wow. The fit and quality of the kit amazed me. This isn’t some drop in conversion, when this is done everything fits like it’s supposed to. The trigger linkage is adjustable and does not detract from the SKS trigger. After I had the kit done for about a year I decided to take it apart and “mess” with it. I had the barrel shortened and added a brake. I took the stock to a friend here in AZ and had him Duracoat and Hydro-dip it. He added a flat clear-coat over it and I can’t stop staring at it. I haven’t tried out the brake yet but I’m sure it’s going to be great. In summery, this SG Works kit took an old, beat-up SKS and made it into a very comfortable, shootable bullpup. Everyone that sees it has to stop and talk about it.

Ed C. 05-25-15 AZ (1) Ed C. 05-25-15 AZ (2) Ed C. 05-25-15 AZ (3) Ed C. 05-25-15 AZ (4)

Peter H. 05-23-15 AL

Saturday, May 23rd, 2015

From a sow’s ear to a silk purse

I’d owned a YUGO SKS 59/66 for quite a few years and though it’s a very well built gun, just couldn’t get to love the look of the gun. I’d shot it in it’s original configuration off a bi-pod but, had to have that damned bayonet extended.  Shots were very tight!  Again just couldn’t love all that weight and metal hanging off the front, not to mention that wood stock (don’t get me wrong, I love wood stocks on the right gun).
I tried the TAPCO Intrafuse SKS stock with the bayonet cut out stock.  But, yet it just didn’t that “LOOK” factor.  Oh, yes it was better than original and yet, still lacking.
I can’t remember how exactly I came across Shernic Gun Works Bull Pup set up (vaguely maybe on eBay, he was marking the price WAY UP)?  I know I did see some on YouTube, after the initial curiosity I bought  a kit from eBay.
When I received it, I was well, for the lack of a word IMPRESSED!  First and foremost in my Bull Pup conversion was removing a pound and a half of metal off the front!  Bayonet, muzzle brake, grenade launcher sight and 3-1/2” of barrel.  Re-crowned barrel and re-threaded for a M-16 style bird cage muzzle brake.  Completely disassembled the bolt, removed machining marks, polished all parts, did a trigger job doing the same as the bolt.  Talk about smooth as a Singer sewing machine!
Only thing I would call a draw back is the dust cover, after watching reviews on YouTube and failure of the dust cover due to adhesion problems.  I went to correct the problem and mine came of with little to no effort what?  I JB Weld (awesome stuff, used it for 30 years)mine back.  But, I’d like to see this cover made from aircraft grade billet aluminum.  I also put in “Buffer-Technology’s” SKS buffer, which in my opinion helps quiet down the action and felt recoil (but, has a limited life).
Assembly was flawless, just had to have patience with the trigger bar.  Didn’t care for the thumb screws for the upper receiver but, my inquiry to you for the pan-heads/button screws, set that right and WOW minimal cost too boot!
To get my final look, I topped off the Pup with a BSA 2X42 close combat sight and a UTG vertical grip.
To be sure, I get a lot of positive feedback on my build, that can’t believe it’s the same gun.  All in all, very well spent money and an enjoyable build.
Peter H. 05-23-15 AL (1)
Peter H. 05-23-15 AL (2)
Peter H. 05-23-15 AL (7)
Peter H. 05-23-15 AL (8)
Peter H. 05-23-15 AL (9)
Peter H. 05-23-15 AL (10)
Peter H. 05-23-15 AL (6) Peter H. 05-23-15 AL (5) Peter H. 05-23-15 AL (4) Peter H. 05-23-15 AL (3)

Wes B. 05-20-15 CO

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

I bought a “failed conversion” kit from a seller with only 3 screws & NO internal parts. Thanks to your Field Repair Kit & the Upgrade Kit I was able to purchase (AND the “spare parts” you guys “threw in”) I was able to complete the build!

This is now my favorite weapon and it was made possible by your great Product AND PEOPLE! I can’t thank you enough!

Wes B.

Wes B. 05-20-15 CO

James H. 05-18-15 FL

Monday, May 18th, 2015

It’s been over a year since I received my kit and assembled my bullpup.  I have put many rounds down range with it since then and am still as impressed with the end result as I was when I first put it together.  The nice thing about this product is that one can add their own personal touches and preferences, so no two are exactly alike.  I added a rubber butt plate and cheek weld as well as adding recurve to the magazine release lever (in addition to a number of other modifications to the internals that aren’t observable).  It’s a project that just keeps on giving.

Thanks, Shernic, for filling a nice product vacuum in the SKS market–at an affordable price.

James H. 5-18-15 FL (1) James H. 5-18-15 FL

Rory M. 05-11-15 ID

Monday, May 11th, 2015
Hello S.G Works
Fallow the instructions and Wow this is what you get !  What a great transformation from a rifle that I hardly ever took out of the safe to one that I enjoy shooting.
Thank you for a great product and all the work you put into it .
Thanks again
Rory M.
Rory M 05-11-15 ID (1) Rory M 05-11-15 ID (2) Rory M 05-11-15 ID (3) Rory M 05-11-15 ID (4) Rory M 05-11-15 ID (5) Rory M 05-11-15 ID

Anthony G. 05-02-15 FL

Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

Thanks for all your help. I love this kit and added my taste to it.

Anthony G. 05-02-15 FL

Kim C. 04-29-15 OK

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

I received my bullpup kit recently and just wanted to say thank you for such a fine product! My Norinco dropped straight in with absolutely NO plastic modifications and only required the removal of the .048 rear barrel support. I couldnt be more pleased. ( Id actually bought a new Dremel tool in anticipation  of having to do some fitting..oh well..needed it

I must say your install video was WAY more informative then the instruction manual…lol. Id recommend this video to anyone that purchases this fine product…truly a breeze and pleasure to build.

Thanks again for such a well designed and quality product.

Kim C.
Miami, Ok

Tom D. 4-25-15

Saturday, April 25th, 2015
Wow! I just completed the transition to the SGW bullpup.  It was a challenge since every “you may need to” was indeed required. My fingertips are raw and the transition is complete.
My question is: What attachment can I use for a sling? What is the safest point to attach a loop for the rear mount of the sling? My friends who have seen the finished product are jealous and I am proud, Thanks for a quality product. The results overshadow the conflict of assembly.
SGW Response:


That’s so fun to hear! That is what is so cool about this conversion, being that every SKS’s fit varies so much. It actually becomes unique to you, so each picture sent in to us to publish seems to have each owner’s personality wrapped up in it.

We have a durable, hard use strap sling point that is custom to our stock. You can find it on our website’s store page and there is a link that shows the installation process just below the picture.

Hope that helps and thanks for your encouraging words!


Travis S. 04-18-15 ID

Saturday, April 18th, 2015


I wanted to say how happy i am with your product. It was blown away with the fit and finish of the kit. The kit fits so well that i am getting great groupings with an optic mounted on the rail. Thanks again guys.

Travis S 04.18.15 ID