Chris B. 07-21-15 MO

Growing up in Orange County CA. I never had much experience with guns. I moved to Missouri in 2002 and much to my delight … Gun availability was dreamy … More importantly Gun Rights were understood and respected by the locals.

A couple years living here and i had a few guns but was looking for DIFFERENT …  I was approached by a friend who had some guns for sale and offered them to me, I accepted … We went to an FFL to do the transfer and one of them was a Chinese SKS in amazing condition,
So it looked, my first trip to the range i noticed the wood felt kinda “loose” … IT WAS CRACKED … Your bullpup kit saved the day … I LOVE IT … I have been in the midwest for 13 years now and i have found building guns is a hobby … Along with great customer service and an honest description, Their product is a great buy !!

Below are the three different results of what happens when i get bored with the same look … Black n grey is current look !!

Chris B. 07-21-15 MO (1) Chris B. 07-21-15 MO (2) Chris B. 07-21-15 MO (3)

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