Chris R. 12-6-12 MD

Just finished my project SKS, and wanted to send some pics.   I received the kit after 4 weeks, back at the beginning of November, and after some very minor fitting.  Had the rifle compleated.  I posted pics on facebook and took the rifle to the range for a shakedown test.   It perfomed wonderfully, the rifle handles fantastic, and EVERYONE that saw it, was impressed.    While at the range I noticed someone else shooting an SKS and showed the SGW-PDW (what I’m now calling it) to them.  They couldn’t believe it was an SKS and they instantly got a major case of the gotta have ones!!!     I told them to go to SGworks website and check it out.

I’m so impressed with the quality and amount of thought and development that went into this kit.  It fits the rifle better then the stock parts, and changes the entire dynamic of the weapon.   I wanted to send pics sooner, but waited until I was done doing my duracoat paint job on it, so I could send all the pics at once.

This rifle is one of the early china dolls that century is offering.  under all the cosmoline was a nearly mint 1958 Chinese type 56.   Believe me I got a lot of static from the gun forums about modding such a pristine rifle, but you know it is mine, and I already had a war relic SKS so I wanted a bullpup and this one satified that urge, without having to spend $2k on a Tavor or AUG.

Other mods done.

I cut the barrel to 16.5 inches crowned it, and threaded the barrel for 14x1LH AK threads.

I modded the bolt so that I can use removable mags from a closed bolt.

replaced the firing pin with a Murrays stainless spring loaded firing pin.

The camo job is duracoat, based on a WWII german SS pattern.

The colors are Stealth grey, Rhodesian tan, East German brown, and Rosewood.

I want to thank Shernic for making such a fantastic product, it really has that Wow factor that I always try to get, and it makes a dated SKS into a modern CQB weapon, for a reasonable price.

Chris R.


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