Christopher J.

I received my stock kit 09-23-10 and it looks great!  My only concern is that in the zip lock baggie that
has the front tri-rail mount there are no rails only the bracket.  Was this an oversight or am I supposed
to supply my own rails?  Just thought I would ask in case I was supposed to get rails with the bracket.
Thanks again.  The stock looks great.


One Response to “Christopher J.”

  1. glaros says:

    Please note on our invoice that the rails are back-ordered. We placed the order through Leapers well before we started shipping. You should have the mount and all the hardware. They are now processing our order, but will not be finished until the end of October. The rails will be shipped separately.

    Your kit has a bracket which mounts on the front end of the stock. The side rails can be used with the bracket or without. The material used for the tri-rail bracket and the magazine release lever are made from stamped steel. The three rails are made out of the same grade aircraft aluminum that all Leapers rails are made from.