CJ 07-06-15 TX

To whom it may concern- I completed my SKS/SGW conversion on the 4th of July (no better way to celebrate American independence than by working on a commie rifle, amiright?), and I’m VERY pleased with the outcome! Mine is a Norinco, with 4″ of barrel removed and threaded 9/16-24. The diameter of the barrel is insufficient to provide an adequate shoulder to seat my mount/brake, so I used a jam nut that I polished down such that the wrench flats on the nut line up with the wrench flats on the brake once it is properly indexed to the action. In any event, the SG Works conversion process went REALLY smoothly, especially for a product that is built to fit rifles with such a wide variation in key dimensions. Some light material removal was required in order to get the trigger group to lock in (which in turn allowed for a completely slop-free fit), and a bit more around the bolt cover takedown pin lever. The spacer in the upper hand guard cover was slightly over-sized, which again, allowed me to achieve a nice, tight fit with my op-rod tube.
I topped off the conversion with a Leupold Mark AR 1.5-4 in a Nikon M-223 mount (installed reversed in order to achieve proper eye relief). The can is a Silencerco/SWR Specwar 762… and while I couldn’t find much info regarding suppressing an SKS, I am happy to report that MY gun (I make no promises regarding any other gun) runs great, both with and without the can!! Running Herter’s 122gr HP ammo, there’s still the sonic crack of the round, of course, but the gun seems to handle suppression quite well. I think I’ve found my new hog hunting setup!
CJ 7.6.15 TX

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