CJ S. 11-10-12 CO

Good evening!  I just received my stock today and wanted to offer a little feedback.

To begin with, WELL DONE!  Very well thought out and designed.  It took me about an hour and a half to put together, having to shave a little bit off at the notch where the back of the trigger assembly sits as it didn’t quite seat far enough down; I’ve heard someone else mention the same thing. I also had to remove a little from the front part of the opening in the receiver cover where the receiver release lever is located; the lever was just a little too long for the width of the opening.  Otherwise, she went together without a hitch!  I did change out the gas tube, but not because I had to.  I simply wanted better ventilation and didn’t want to cut the wood off the original, so I bought a gas tube with a tactical rail from Wal Mart for $19.00 and just took the rail off.

Tri-rail kit, magazine release lever, front vertical grip, scope, muzzle brake and 20-round Tapco mag, and she’s ready for a day at the range.  If I might add a suggestion, maybe make the Weaver rail along the top a little higher; it’s a little awkward having to crane my neck so far over, though that’s a very small inconvenience.

Again, thank you!  Beautiful design, and makes for a beautiful weapon.



Pueblo, CO



Sounds like the optic you are using sits too low to the rail. Adding a riser sounds like a good idea. You might consider adding a 1/2″riser or so to your optic/sights.

There is a video on “cheek weld” we recommend, you can find it @ Bill Jeans Pro-Tip: Cheek Weld on YouTube

Let us know how it goes.


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