Dave A.


Hello! I got my kit today- it looks great!



Here’s a pic of the rifle complete 🙂

Two suggestions-  the light rail on top is a little under-spec, so quick release accessories are loose.   I’m not going to run that optic, I just tossed it on for photos 🙂
It’ll need a clamp-on base or rings to make up for the undersize rail (Holosight./eotech would probably work fine too).

Also, an accessory for the old bayonet mount would  be neat- maybe a small weaver rail for a flashlight?  Or maybe offer an integrated bolt-on flashlight? 🙂

I was thinking of putting a small modified bayonet on there (just because I can- pre-1989 pre-922r SKS!), but the thing would be only 3″ long extended-  maybe a stand-off impact device would work if I ever got around to grinding one on the mill.


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  1. glaros says:

    There are a couple of our rail mounted flip-up iron sights that fit loose, so we cut out little shims out of thin hard plastic and glued them to the bottom of the sight base. It took up all the slack and made them secure. All of our optics and most of our iron sights fit securely.