Dave C.

Just wanted to say thanks for a great upgrade to this old SKS.  It was a long wait but well worthwhile. My compliments on an excellent bullpup stock. By far a better value and much better design than anything else out there for the SKS.  I have several really cool long guns: Saiga 12 shotgun with forward trigger group modification and AK furniture, Romanian AK WASR 10 with Tapco furniture, 870 Remington with Knoxx stock and 20 inch barrel with 8 shot magazine extension, old Savage 12 guage autoloader modified to the limit with fabricated pistol grip synthetic stock and 20 inch barrel and 8 shot magazine, GSG 522 22 lr carbine with collapsible stock, surplus H&K rear sight and sling and fabricated fiber optic front sight. Of all those I believe your stock kit has put my SKS at the top of the list.  When people see it their response is , ” what the Hell is it?”.  Mission accomplished!                                                                              Thanks again


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