Further to phone conversation earlier 4.28.11 here is my endorsement of this excellent product.
The “SKSS”
I found on Gun Broker a gunsmith local to me “RP’s Firearms Repair” in Lavon TX who is specializing in building the SKSS (What do ya call this thang?) and I went over to see what he was doing. WOW…I was so impressed, I immediately got Robert to build me one…his way
He took my Chinese T56 screw in barrel, removed the barrel, cut it down to 16 1/2″ (where the barrel is heavier material), recrowned the muzzle,threaded the end to 1/2x28tpi (so it can take bored out AR accessories), opened the gas port for better reliability, milled the bolt bottom so mags can be detached with the bolt closed, used a Duracoat finish…and other tweaks with his assembly knowledge (getting all the adjustments right and test firing to make sure) and this is the result. Robert claims he has done accuracy tests and found this barrel mod to be the most accurate.
I topped it off with a NCStar 3/4″ throw lever riser and a BEC (Cabella’s) 3-9×28 IR scope. The riser I had to mill .030″ from it to fit the SGW weaver base (width) and have since found out all I needed to do was glue a piece of credit card into the NCStar riser…doh!
Okay WOW factor comes in when firing it, with a ATI trigger job (following DVD instruction) and the advantage of the SGW trigger assy., I got a trigger pretty close to how I like it, and not how the Chinese do. Groups are very good, the gun is like a glove, so comfortable to shoot, I shoot this both eyes open as it has 4 1/2″ eye relief, and I can quickly find my POA.
I chose this system after considering others:
Bushmaster bullpup .223 (Bush disaster…the Dear’s best friend), reliability a issue, accuracy not renowned , limited to .223
AK47  2 versions from Norinco, 1 is the all metal early import which sells for $1500+ , expensive, poor balance, stamped tin receiver which contributes to wandering zero, poor trigger not much can be done to improve it, most for sale have had 100 rounds or less fed through them because they are junk. 2nd type made with hideous plastic stock and again though in the $650 range, not much better than junk.
Valmet bullpup .308…try finding one!, and under $2000
Kel-tech bullpup .308 interesting design, ejects through a tube out the front, Watch Youtube for the Slo-Mo film of the cutaway firing…imagine a jam, they do happen and usually when you need it to be reliable, not on a relaxed sighting in day at the range.  To unjam it is a fieldstrip and what else? datached case rim? dirt? and then the price $1200
Mini 14 & 30 in a Muzzlelite bullpup kit…bad gun in a junk stock with a trigger only a Gorilla could love…accuracy? you’ll have a tighter group with a shotgun!.
Weird caliber bullpups= expensive ammo!, I want a good commonly available low recoil rifle round, and easily/cheaply available magazines.
So then there is a light at the end of the tunnel, The SKSS ( I Like this name so this is what I call mine).
Here’s a tip, start off by buying the book or going online to sites such as http://surplusrifle.com/sks/index.asp and armed with information, select a suitable candidate for conversion with fore knowledge so you have a excellent result. I chose to use a Chinese T56 with all milled parts, chrome lined screw in barrel (because I wanted the short barrel conversion). The later pinned barrel commercial Norinco’s in the standard length, Cowboy carbines and paratroopers are cheap knockoff’s with stamped parts, but to their credit many shorties are converted to use AK Mags, but they are known to be not as good as the earlier military T56. The duck bill mag versions can be converted to a Tapco system which makes the mags more like AK mags, and the modification can be easily reversed, and the T56’s can be converted to use AK mags, but this is a lot of machining, and a nightmare not recommended to reverse it.
So let’s look at this standard platform.
It uses fixed 10 & 20 round mags, detachable Tapco 20 round mags, with a bit of fitting 75 & 100 round drum mags, remember that it can be reloaded with stripper clips as quickly as changing a mag (this is fitted with a quick mag release feature), and bulk wise you can carry more full stripper clips than mags AK or duck bill.
If it has a malfunction due to ammo quality, just a quick rack of the bolt holding the gun sideways usually clears it, panic over!
It field strips easily, with modern methods, a bore snake and a couple drops of oil, and it’s back to business
The Shernick trigger link uses advantage gained by a different leverage point to lighten the trigger pull, with a trigger job, on the standard as supplied SKS trigger group, it can easily be classed as a good trigger, though it’ll never be as good as a set trigger.
No gas blows around your nose area when it’s fired, that’s not pleasant having to breathe that constantly, muzzle blast is low, and with (as fitted on mine )a Bored out AR muzzle break, muzzle flip is negligible. With the 1/2x28tpi threads a silencer may be fitted.
The Shernick stock is not only a thing of beauty, it is ergonomically very good. It points naturally from a arm pit hold (careful not to place your arm over the ejection port) from a tactical harness shoulders quickly and naturally.  Aiming without sights like a shotgun across the top of the weaver rail, I could hit 1 square foot targets set at 20 meters easily.
This has a long weaver rail on which can be mounted a wide range of optics just as available for AR flat tops. Due to length of peoples necks, there are risers available  in 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, and 1 1/2″ rise. Lengths such as the full length riser from http://www.yhm.net/store/rails.html or you can use one (or two if you want a long riser like the YHM) of the cheaper 5″ long risers from other manufacturers. This is important that you fit the 3-9 optics to fit you like a glove for quick natural aim and eye relief, and comfort, that when the gun goes to your shoulder with both eyes open you see picture in picture with a cross hair in the center, without jamming your cheek into the stock and craning your neck at some cramped weird angle!
If you are using a 1x optic system you would see a red dot on the target, both eyes open.
The range of ammo for the SKS, well what is the 7.62×39 round? developed by the USSR from the .44 Kurtz German WW2 round, necked to .312″ to take the .303 bullet…yes the versatile .303!
The ammo is average $5/20rnds, it comes as FMJ, SP, HP, in throw away steel cases.
For reloading, brass is readily available,  and LEE dies are excellent and affordable. It uses a small amount of powder compared to other .30 cals., so 1 lb of powder goes a long way!
Bullets can be cold water quenched cast from wheel weights, or may be purchased as FMJ, Armor piercing, Incendiary/tracer, exploding, soft point, hollow point and in different grain weights, also this round may be sabot’d(I have not done this only read about this) to .22  & .17 cal., though I would rely on these fed singly. There is also a pistol powder load for subsonic ammo.
This gun is great to show beginners how to shoot, as by just flipping up the loading hatch, single round by single round may be fed, the bolt holding open after each fired shot.
The best being kept for last is the price of this incredible platform, for me it was $500 + a provided SKS, which I had a extra/spare all milled T56  that I got for about $200.
As I mentioned earlier I had a gunsmith who is specializing in these conversions build mine, with a bunch of modifications, and it was ready in 1 week!
Robert  from RP’s thpere@infostations.com builds a amazing SKSS!
I have shot mine, and I know where my money went. I have always liked the SKS, now I have a new respect for it because of this new incarnation. I wonder if there is a Russian in the Kremlin with one of these jumping up and down in a rage that they sold all their SK’s at junk arsenal clearance price…when all they had to do was redesign it to the awesome gun the SKSS is.
Shernick took a while, but got this right, I can find one thing to criticize, that being the little wire and clip which holds the takedown pin, it could get hung up…but that’s the only thing about this system I can pick at. WOW factor at the range, when this comes out of the box is absolute! AR’s get cleared and put down as their handlers abandon them to come and drool over the SKSS, carry it around the gun show and you are pestered enough that if you got paid $1/time you would leave with a weeks pay!
I conclude (speaking for myself) that this version is excellent. The long awaited SK for this millennium. I recommend it.
The losers
Disclaimer: I was not paid to promote this product, by either SGW or RP’s Firearms repair, or to malign products made by other manufacturers. These are my opinions based on  experience(s) I have had with guns either that I owned or were leant to me for trial purpose, and opinions I have repeated from friends who shared their experiences with me. I share my opinions and experience with this product because I am suitably impressed and feel that such a good US product should receive the honest review it deserves.
Dave from Texas, satisfied customer/owner.

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