David H. 2-21-12

My stock came in the mail today and I started putting it together around 5:00 and finished around 7:00. The kit went together very well with me being the only real hindrance, I’m pretty particular so I went slow and checked everything several times and I only had to sand two places, the bottom of the stock where it meets the trigger guard in the rear as it was slightly too thick and a light shave on the wood spacer on the upper hand guard. I had to change the spacer shim for the barrel band and that was it. Very very well thought out design, trigger adjustment is easy and straight forward. The balance is better than I thought possible, very nice. I can’t wait for the tri rail bracket and extended mag release to show up so I can finish the rifle off.

If I can make a suggestion a rear sling mount would be a nice addition but Its not a big deal. A year and half wait was worth it, thank you. If you have any plans for making a stock for a 10/22 I’ll buy one… Thanks again!

David H.


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  1. glaros says:


    Yay! I love hearing reviews! It makes it all worth it!

    We will be adding a rear sling point option to our store page by the end of this month. You can subscribe to our website at the bottom of the purple section of our website and you will get a notification when we update our site and make announcements.

    We checked with Leapers on our order and we were told that we should receive the rails end of May (due to Chinese New Year) We were shocked at that but will check back with them in a few weeks (hopefully they will stop partying and get back to work in China) and hope they can rush our order faster. This is what happens in China every year. The Tri-Rail Mount with all the hardware (minus the rails), and the Extended Magazine Release Lever will be sent to your in a couple of weeks.

    Meanwhile you can use the mount and the hardware to attach rails you can cut to size (we picked up our very first set of rails at a gunshow to try out.). You will still be sent the rails once they come in.