Desert Trader NM 6-25-13

Finaly got done airbrushin the awesome shernic stock.went together like a dream And ,Tons of fun to the stock! Highly recommended add on to your sks! A must have! Thanks shernic! AAA ++++

Desert-Trader-1-300x225 Desert-Trader-2-300x225 Desert-Trader-3-300x225 Desert-Trader-4-300x225 Desert-Trader-5-300x225 Desert-Trader-6-300x225 Desert-Trader-7-300x225 Desert-Trader-8-300x225

I never airbrushed before so did a little research online .I was gonna try duracoat but a guy that sold stencils called me and gave me some much needed advise.he told me duracoat messy and much trouble in clean up and very expensive. He told me to use createx airbrush colors and u-poll #1 automotive clear coat which comes in spray aeresol can .Both createx and u-poll do not fade or yellow in prolonged sunlight and get harder with heat.I figured heat was no problem as its been 107 degrees here.I purchased a beginner pack of createx airbrush colors and a can of u-poll as well as a master gravity fed airbrush. I then went online and found hundreds of free skull stencil down loads and copied several.I drew my own digital patterns and cut out with exacto knife as you will use both male and female cutouts.I cut them out with exacto knife and traced on ascetate stencil sheets also purchased online and cut out with cheap stencil burner found online as will also need some spray adhesive for stencils also found online.I practised on old sks composite stock first which sold immediately for $ 300.00 as soon as I walked in local gunshop to put on consignment.THat gave me confidence to try on shernic stock.I did a base coat of light gray and let that dry in new mexico sun.then I layed out the stencils on stock and mixed black translucent and about five drops of pearlized to make a dark gray and shot around stencils and in cut out eyes, mouths ect.when that dryed I then placed male and female digital patterns here and there trying not to get two of same beside each other .I thinned mixture of black and pearlized a bit more to lighten gray a bit and shot digital stencils lightly around male stencils and darker inside female stencils.alowed to dry and gave three coats of u-poll with drying time between coats.u-poll will blend colors together and give depth as well as. Protect your art work for your lifetime.if your wanting a camo look without gloss less coats u-poll.

Also thanks again for the shernic bullpup stock. I have quite a few guns and your stock made the sks my favorite to shoot.

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