Dobro H. ABI Imports Ent.

Feb. 6, 2011


Just wanted to let you know that I have received the kit, thank you very much.
My first impression after unpacking was simply WOW ! beautiful ! Hot looking! I like it very much! You guys did a great job !

I’m still getting familiar with the manual and started preliminary fitting of the parts. It appears to be relatively simple and as you mentioned in the manual that some of the details may require a little fitting/adjustments. That is expected in the beginning stages of every new product, I fully understand that, it is not a problem for me.
I will document the entire assembly as I go and as much as I can to give you some feedback from customers point of view.
(That is if you are interested). I thing (it is my believe) that this should sell very well, pertaining that it will behave as good as it looks
on the ranch. I will keep you posted.
Again Great job !

Thanks for your input, the kit is already assembled and it was relatively easy and simple, little bit of grinding here and there, but nothing major, the upper hand guard was no big issue,  It is a beautiful kit, looks really Bad A……. I have added rear sling eye (attachment) and working on some sort of butt cushioning, something to consider for future additions. I will send you some pics before the end of the week.


Sorry for the delay, but here are the pics that I promised you. You can clearly see the butt extension (3 pc) ,the rear sling eye, bayo. attachment, which consequently takes all 3 different bayonets without any changes to the new bracket and additional grip clearance to accept 30 rd mags. There will be one more addition in the near future and that is a forward grip. I find that mounting the grip in the bottom front rails takes away valuable space for other more important gadgets. (in my opinion).


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