Donnie H. 2-8-13 FL

Donnie H. from Florida 2-8-13 (A)

Donnie H. from Florida 2-8-13 (B)Donnie H. from Florida 2-8-13 (C)

Dear Sirs,

I wanted to send you a few pictures of my build. I built it about 2 months ago but finally got around to send you these. Its a Norinco SKS build. I tapped the barrel and installed a Spike Tactical can. Installed an AR 15 handle and front sight. Mounted a combo red dot, light and laser. I also installed a front fold-able handle that folds forward for a more traditional hold. Now I can transition very quickly from red dot to open sights. Very Wicked ! Shoots great. I only have one problem though, everyone that sees it wants it. Will do more builds in the future.

Thanks again,

Donnie H.


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