Duane W. 10-5-15 ID

I am including some interesting photos of my Shernic Gun Works SKS Bull Pup modified with a Madhouse DSS – Dual Sight System.  Even though I do not use the pass through on the DSS it puts the sights up comfortably higher making the SKS even more usable then before.   The flip up sights are sighted in for close quarters and the optics sighted in for 75 Yards plus.  The Iron sights look through the optics.

The DSS is very sturdy and very well made just like the Shernic SKS Bull Pup Stock.  I feel this is a great combination.

Duane J. W.


Duane W. 10-5-15 ID (1)


Duane W. 10-5-15 ID (2)

With Sights Up

Duane W. 10-5-15 ID (3)

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