Ed R.

I called you after a friend and I were able to get your Stock on my rather balky Chinese SKS Carbine about 4 weeks ago.. We had to do a bit of fitting, but after about two hours, and it was together.. I couldn’t get any of the SKS magazines, on hand, to work.. You suggested TAPCO.  I purchased a few, and after another balky start, they all worked.. Today was the first time I was able to try it out.. Loved it, like most Bullpups, rather heavy until you get it into shooting position, and then it seems almost weightless.

Put 40 rounds through it a lot faster than I had planned.. Had slapped a cheap red dot right on the rail (needs a riser), but pretty much right on target… Thought the noise might be serious, but was so excited to try it out, forgot to put on my muffs.. Although it was a bit loud, my ears only buzzed for a few… Glad my fears weren’t realized, especially with my right ear very near the ejection port.. Think the little cover on top of the receiver, helped deflect the blast.. With the muffs it was about the same as shooting a regular stocked SKS, or less.. Easy to shoot, with about an 8# trigger pull. I had been a bit concerned about how the cable trigger pull mechanism was going to work.. Not one hangup, or burp…

Thanks again for making an old SKS a fun rifle to shoot again, for minimal investment..

Keeping me informed as to the trials and tribulations of small company bringing a new product to market, helped pass the year long wait.. I felt like I was tuning in to the SG Works Reality Show every few weeks, that was reality.. Almost everything that could go wrong, seemed to.. You’re not the first to tell pretty much the same story, but you told it well, kept your wits, and pulled it off…

I do have one more question. I was cleaning it up  tonight and realized there is no provision for attaching a sling on the rear of he the new stock. Any suggestions??

Hope you sell a bunch of them, not a better aftermarket SKS stock out there, for anywhere near the investment, if at all..

West Virginia

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  1. glaros says:

    We have a sturdy Rear Sling Point that won’t compromise the structure of our SKS Bullpup Stock Kit. We will make an announcement and offer it on our store page as soon as possible.