We encourage your feedback

Because of our goal of bringing you affordable equipment that works, we are always interested in your feedback, both positive and negative. So feel free to drop us a line. We will always be looking for ways to tweak and improve our products.

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  1. jbuntingmachine says:

    @bob byram,
    If you’re interested in a 1022 version, I have one in short runs of production right now. I am a member of http://www.rimfirecentral.com. Here is my post: http://www.rimfirecentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=286787

    Let me know what you think. You can send me a message if you are interested and I will email you back. It’s not as inexpensive as the Muzzelite but it’s also not as cheap as the Muzzelite if you know what I mean.

  2. human says:

    I think the SKS is the perfect rifle to bullpup and your price point is right on when compared to the other(s). Yeah, the linkage is the big bullpup issue and I would like to read about the trigger– maybe lbs. added, some subjective, and technical info like other bullpup kits’ sites. Thanks. Good luck.

  3. charles jolin says:

    God Speed , I will keep the Faith .

  4. prezrr says:


    If you want the stock to cost 3 times as much they could manufacture it here. Personally I’d like a low cost high quality product, which definitely can NOT be accomplished with a “made in america” sticker on it thanks to a little thing we have here called minimum wage.

  5. Bret Schlueter says:

    COL doesn’t enter into it…
    I hope these stocks are as nice as they seem. They will sell very well, if so.

  6. egs89 says:

    Wow I like the new model!

  7. prezrr says:

    Nice insults, do you have anything intelligent to say? No? Then SHUTUP!

    Minimum wage artificially inflates wages across the board, if you pay an unskilled worker $8/hr you have to pay skilled workers more which exponentially drives up the cost of a product. The government would have you believe that minimum wage has to increase because of inflation, well if they would stop printing money there wouldn’t be inflation and wages wouldn’t have to be raised for it and we could actually competitively manufacture things here in America again. Until then I’ll buy the least expensive quality product I can find and if that means made in China so be it. They make good stuff occasionally, their laser sights are quality for 1/3 the price you’d find in an Amercan made laser because it costs so much to make them here.

    And by the way I drive a Jeep and my appliances are Kenmore with “Made In USA” stickers on it which just means I paid too much for them.

    Lastly Tyler, only someone who has done nothing with his own life tears others down and they do it so they feel their life has meaning. This product is already off the ground and it will probably be a big success. So either go do something with your life and then you can talk, or go crawl back under that rock you’ve been hiding under and leave us decent people alone ok?

  8. Starmeister says:

    What components from the original SKS are transferred to the bullpup assembly? I want to refinish these pieces with KG Guncoat in advance. Thanks.

  9. strong_bad says:

    Well, I have looked through all of the comments in each of the threads, and the last “comment” I see from “glaros” (of any kind) was from August 15th.

    That would mean that in 7 days it will have been a month without any updates on forward progress, reasons for delay in new photos/details, or answers to any of the questions in these forums (yes, there was a very interesting video on 8/21, but nothing else).

    In my mind if I am paying for a future product, I am paying with confidence that the future product will be delivered in a timely manner. Timely may mean sticking to the original stated date to some, but I prefer to take a more flexible stance. As long as my confidence is unshaken.

    As long as I am informed of a delay and the cause, and am still reassured and confident in the follow-through, I will be patient. I don’t necessarily need to have this very cool product in my hands at the end of September, as I want to be understanding of the difficulties that have been encountered.

    I did speak with someone on the phone last week and was informed of an issue with a CAD designer who was dragging his feet and holding the whole process up. That is unfortunate for all involved, and I hope it is resolved quickly.

    If this is really causing the delay, then I am still going to be patient, because it would appear there are problems outside of “glaros” control. It would however be VERY reassuring to get some kind of update on the status of everyone’s paid orders.

    I am ready to be understanding and sympathetic to “glaros” in whatever situation there is, but it will be very difficult to do so without any additional information to go on.

    If another week goes by without any updates or comments of any kind, it will become increasingly difficult to remain patient and understanding. My confidence will have been quite shaken.

    I have up to this point been very impressed with the attention given to (future) customer service, and to improvements made to the product. I hope that I will not have to have a change of heart.

  10. when can I buy one? And actually get one? Thanks Barry

  11. I am concerned about the “hump” behind the pistol grip. Is that necessary? It seems that it will reduce the hand weld and cause the hand to be at a less than optimal angle? The rear part of grip should be flush with the stock if possible.

  12. buckmeister says:

    @prezrr, Minimum wage should be viewed as that given job market entry level jobs (teenagers, unskilled immigrant,etc). Our “give-away government” placates the masses by raising this minimum. Skilled labor should make enough to feed themselves and their families.

    The reason foreign manufacturing should be discouraged, with regard to firearms, is that the product does nothing towards the 922 regulations. A stock is an item specifically noted in these regs. A Chinese made stock (and handgaurd) work against compliance.

    I’ll pay more for “made in the USA”. I like my neighbors, my fellow countrymen. I want them to remain employed. I want manufacturing to remain domestic. I do not want to fund a government bent on our destruction. China funds North Korea. Many forget that China sent weapons into Vietnam to be used against Americans. They are using Wal-Mart and low slave wages to undermine the US. Buy foreign cheap, if you want. With other options, doing so shows your real colors… and they ain’t red, white, and blue.

    Buying American means citizens are working, and laws are there to regulate their safety. It means what goes into the product must be safe. There are other reasons, beyond labor costs, which dictate final price.

    I hope this bullpup makes it to market, but unless it is manufactured here, I will not buy it. It will not help with 922 compliance, making it a hindrance.


  13. strong_bad says:

    See this thread for an update from “glaros”


  14. john jordan says:

    Hey guys
    It is me again
    I replied 23 July 09 when i saw the 1st video that i liked.
    Well guess what ????????
    I really like the 2nd video just as much.
    the 20 and 30 rd mags seem to change out /appear to change out easy enough.
    Nice job on the change of the rail system.
    I shoot all my weapons with regular sights only.NO scopes for me.
    I am to accident prone for fragile stuff like that.
    Your stock really makes the the sks look like a MEAN UGLY BLACK ASSAULT RIFLE
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Keep, up the good work guys.I really am rooting for you

    John L Jordan Clover SC

  15. Rick says:

    anxiously awaiting release news and user reviews of this. Been a fan of bullpup rifles for years and am constantly frustrated by the inability to find one that is California legal. Even Kel-Tec’s new RFB fails to meet California’s (lengthy vile expletive removed here) regulation. This reconfiguration using the fixed 10-round magazine, along with the recent allowance of SKS’s into the “country”, means I can have my cake and eat it too.

  16. Doc says:

    Would you consider offering very reasonably priced “upgrades” also to those who pre-order at the introductory price and wait patiently for the shipment? Typically, there are improvements and modifications necessary to be made to the original product that only come about once a number of them are sold and the feedback returns.

  17. joel in missouri says:

    way to go!

  18. al in the atx says:

    will the tri-rail attachment for the forearm be included with the stock?

  19. glaros says:


    Don’t really know where this rumor began, but production of the stock will be done right here in the USA.

  20. glaros says:


    AK mags do work, but we did have to make a pocket in the pistol grip. Just as the forward lower portion of the magazine dips into that pocket, the top will latch and you can swing it back and lock it in. With a little bit of practice, the pistol grip pocket acts somewhat as a magazine guide.

  21. glaros says:


    Basically we’re just switching stocks. You’ll need everything that’s presently on your SKS, except for the stock, rear leaf sight, and the front sight.

  22. glaros says:


    You’re reading our minds. We’re trying to come up with a reasonable compensation for those of you who have been so patient and supportive.

  23. glaros says:

    @al in the atx,

    As of right now, it will be an accessory.