We encourage your feedback

Because of our goal of bringing you affordable equipment that works, we are always interested in your feedback, both positive and negative. So feel free to drop us a line. We will always be looking for ways to tweak and improve our products.

172 Responses to “We encourage your feedback”

  1. Bob says:

    Your site is kinda hard to read and navigate, but we are interested in the SKS. The new look is fresh and neat. What about wholesale purchases. We are FFLs and have sold SKS and stock upgrades in the past and these look interesting.
    Bob Thompson, Owner/FFL

  2. Michael says:

    It is truly a good looking piece. I do have one question, Will it work with the Chineese arsenal Mod Paratrooper Carbine version of the SKS?

    Thank You,

  3. glaros says:

    Yes, it will fit, but check your state laws to see what the legal minimum required length is. In the state of CA it would not be legal. If you install a compensator or flash suppressor to the barrel that would extend the overall length of the rifle to at least 30″.

  4. glaros says:

    Our site is still a work in progress. We are working to address several issues that it has. We will contact you via email.

  5. Jerome from California says:

    Good luck with the business. I’m interested to learn more about your product.

  6. John kiever says:

    So what is the price. Am interested.

  7. Alex says:

    Contact me I have some questions and cannot find your email address

  8. Victor Fedij says:

    About 20 years ago, I payed in advance for a Bullpup SKS stock to a company with a similar name and product. That company over many months would up date costomers on there manufacturing progress. Ultimately, no stock was ever sent or money returned. I would still love a bullpup SKS stock, you can understand my hesitation.

  9. David says:

    Like what I see. My son in law just gave me an SKS with a hand made stock he produced himself with an air brushed finish on it. He sent me this site and said this would be one of his upcoming projects. I agree, now looks like I have to find another SKS and work with him to do the conversion. Good luck on your adventure and I hope you succeed to your fullest expectations. Also like your comments on the 2A. Best regards, David

  10. Stephen Erwin says:

    This page sucks. White on white lettering?? Required info for comments in Green on green. Give me a break. I had to highlight them to read them.

    I like the looks of your stock. However, you need pricing before requiring a click on buy now.

    Video is nice, but before I would buy I want to see some good quality closeup pictures so I can actually see how the stock works, and how it fits on the SKS.

    Installation instructions with pictures would tell the buyer a lot.

    Stephen Erwin

  11. Stephen Erwin says:

    Is your stock compatible with removable aftermarket stocks?

  12. glaros says:

    Jerome, we keep on updating our website with information . If you still don’t have your questions answered you can contact us through our contact page. Thanks.

  13. sksguy101 says:

    this stock looks great in all but u don’t show how it goes together to show all what you do to your sks

  14. glaros says:

    @John kiever, Our price for the Bullpup Stock Kit is posted on the Introductory Offer page. The link is on our Home page. The retail price is $159.95. The Introductory Offer price is $119.96 from now until August 5, 2009.

  15. glaros says:

    @Alex, If you can’t find answers to your questions on our site, contact us through our contact page.

  16. Kevin Hogan says:

    I Have a norinco sporter that uses ak mags. Will this stock work work with ak mags.

  17. glaros says:

    @Victor Fedij, We are sorry this happened to you and understand your hesitation. Please contact us through our contact page if we can answer any questions not found on the website. Hopefully, over time we will earn your trust.

  18. glaros says:

    @David, It sounds like you two can do the conversion in 15 minutes or less. There are no modifications necessary to your rifle, it’s very easy. There will be instruction provided with the kit as well as on the website.

  19. glaros says:

    @Stephen Erwin, Thank you for your comments. Our webmaster has corrected those deficiencies. Pricing is now posted as well, sorry for the delay. In a couple of weeks we are supposed to have our final prototype of our stock. We will then load close-up shots of assembly.

  20. glaros says:

    Yes it will!

  21. CASpice says:

    Very nice design, from what I can see on this site
    Would be nice if you posted some more detailed photos of your kit.
    What is the construction?
    Are the any options or accessories offered with the kit?
    Will any aftermarket magazine work with your stock?
    How comprehensive is your manufacturers waranty?

    Has your product been reviewed by anyone in the trade?

  22. Brian says:

    I like the stock,but was wanting to know if the stock will work with detachable high capacity magazines.

  23. willie gibbs says:

    Impressive most impressive, now my russian sks will join the Darkside of the firearms!

  24. glaros says:

    @Stephen Erwin, If you mean removing your aftermarket stock and then installing ours, yes.

  25. glaros says:

    @sksguy101, We should have our assembly shots and a gallery close up pictures in about 2 weeks.

  26. glaros says:

    @Kevin Hogan, Yes, it will.

  27. glaros says:

    @CASpice, Pics will be posted w/i a couple of weeks options and accessories are in the works. Tapco 20 round mags work great. Regarding our warranty, click on Terms of Service and the bottom our web page. The stock hasn’t been reviewed yet. We will keep you posted.

  28. glaros says:

    @Brian, We have tested Tapco 20 round mags and they work great. If you have a sporter that uses AK mags, they will work also.

  29. glaros says:

    @willie gibbs, May the force be with you!

  30. Mike Learn says:

    Will this stock work with SKS that us the AK mags? Sorry if it is a redundant question. Having a bit of difficulty with this RSS stuff.

  31. glaros says:

    @Mike Learn, Yes it does.

  32. jaymac says:

    You are possibly missing a large market by not replying to and updating Galahad. There would be huge interest in this stock at sksboards. The feeling on the boards right now is that this is a scam do to lack of communication, payment through Paypal, and payment required up front.

    I participated in teh prepurchase and wait for the Saiga 12 20 round drum so I understand being busy and having difficulty getting suppliers to meet deadlines. However the developer kept in contact with the Saiga 12 board and most pre paying patrons were happy to wait.

    Good Luck

  33. Gordon says:

    Your introductory price is very tempting, but why is shipping date still three months away? If there are insufficient preliminary orders will you still produce the product? I would like to save the $40, but have some trapidation about ordering an unfinished product!

  34. Stephen Erwin says:

    Great job of Updating site and improving readability. Looking forward to pics.

  35. daniel j schirmer says:

    I do love the vid but i was wondering how the accuracy/grouping is affected. I know it’s a bit of work, but if you can post a vid showing the firing results it’d def help me to decide to invest in your product.

  36. Ray Hunt says:

    Hey, looks like you have a great product. Think I’m gonna get me one. Have you guys thought of making one for the mini 14 or 30?? Think it would be a great seller also. Thanks, Keep the good work.

  37. glaros says:

    @jaymac, You are absolutely right. Thank you for your input

  38. Paul Fullem says:

    Called earlier today before you opened. Got a call from Nick to ask if I had any questions. I did not leave a message or call back number. I thought it was great that a company would take such an interest in potential customer. Hope that is the level of service that they will provide as they grow. Good Luck!!

  39. irate says:

    also it would probably not be a terrible idea to add some sling attachments

  40. Arkane says:


    – Reshoot your vid to show more features. i.e. Safety manipulation, with different config mags, etc. A technical overview is going to do a lot more to sell this than the action vid you have up. For an example check out the RFB vid from the SHOT show a few years ago.

  41. Frank Meneses says:

    your video is impressive but I must ask, at the risk of sounding redundant and the fact that the demo does not illustrate this…. will it accept hi capacity magazines? and rather than use stripper clips, can one just drop and replace with a fresh mag? Perhaps those of us concerned with this issue would appreciate a video demo illustrating the bullpups’ use with mags only without stripper clips.

  42. buckmeister says:

    SKSboards is the consummate site for those interested in the SKS. TAPCO understood this as they worked on their 20 round mag and their bolt. As mentioned by others, you would be well served including that site in communication and product reviews.

    An SKS bullpup has been the “Holy Grail” of the SKS community. Several attempts have been unsuccessful and pricey. None successfully addressed loading via a stripper clip. The popularity of the SKS is largely due to its low cost; often making it the entry-level weapon of “The Black Rifle Disease”. Your product would feed the fever.

    Best of luck on this endeavor. Though I will not participate in the pre-funding, I await the outcome and reviews. If positive… I will have one!

  43. James says:

    this looks extremely promising, and awesome!
    a few questions though,
    i own the shorter barreled norinco, will i have to remove the spike bayonet?
    can you still use the iorn sights?
    thanks in advance

  44. dadcats says:

    i have a ca legal yugo with a muzzle brake tack welded where the grenade launcher was, i see in your video a clean barrel, do these have to be removed and is it legal to modify this rifle in its present state, any info, i dont need any batf headaches

  45. glaros says:

    Shipping is to begin the end of September. To answer your second question, absolutely, yes. We are making an attempt to self-fund this project. If that doesn’t work out we will turn to our investors, however, we would prefer to be in charge of the future direction of our company. Our vision is to provide affordable products that work. We want them to be accessible to the producer class, the backbone of America.

  46. glaros says:

    We have that on our ‘To Do’ list. Keep checking back with us.

  47. glaros says:

    @Ray Hunt, Thanks for your encouragement. As of right now we don’t have any plans to make a bullpup stock for the mini14 or 30. If we find there is a big enough demand, then we would consider it.

  48. glaros says:

    We are working on that issue.

  49. glaros says:

    We are still waiting on our final prototypes that are a week 1/2 away. We will do the close up pics, an assembly video as well as a video along the same lines as you mentioned.

  50. glaros says:

    Yes, our stock works with SKS’s that take AK mags and definitely Tapco 20 round detachable mags. I would assume it would work with the old 30 round steel SKS mags, but living on the ‘left coast’, it is difficult for us to acquire those. We have plans to make an AZ video using detachable mags in the near future.