We encourage your feedback

Because of our goal of bringing you affordable equipment that works, we are always interested in your feedback, both positive and negative. So feel free to drop us a line. We will always be looking for ways to tweak and improve our products.

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  1. glaros says:

    You are absolutely right. In fact, the SKS Boards were a major inspiration for this project. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. glaros says:

    Our stock is not compatible with bayonets. While you do not have to take your sights off in order to install our bullpup kit, the sights are too low to use in the bullpup config.

  3. glaros says:

    Our stock kit was designed so that no modification needs to be done to your SKS in order to install the bullpup stock kit. Regarding the legality of modifying your SKS, my understanding is, if you do anything to modify your SKS you have to go all the way and make sure that contains no more than [10] foreign regulated parts. See our compliancy page and click on the ATF letter link.

  4. irate says:

    just one other question, what is the length of pull?

  5. bilbert says:

    You need to make a vented forestock to go over the barrel. Dixie Consolidated did this for their 10/22 bullpup kit and it is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

  6. glaros says:

    The Dixie Consolidated does look nice, but their bulpup clamps onto the barrel in two spots. We purposely designed our stock the way we did so that the stock doesn’t touch or clamp onto the barrel in any way as we didn’t want to interfere with the harmonics that are created as the bullet goes down the barrel. As I understand it, when the stock touches or clamps on the barrel, it degrades the inherent accuracy of barrel. Our stock mounts to the barreled action of the SKS in the same way that the original stock mounted. Additionally, we felt if we extended the forearm any further, we would cover up a perfectly good and effective sling point already built on the SKS.

  7. Bob Doggett says:

    How will this design effect the left hand shooter?
    I want one of these forsure and don’t want to be left out as a left hand shooter.

  8. Paul Fullem says:

    irate says:
    July 13, 2009 at 9:41 pm

    just one other question, what is the length of pull?

    I repeat what is the legnth of Pull.

  9. adam says:

    will it work on a yugo or para?

  10. buckmeister says:

    A longer forearm option would aid those of us who have touched a hot barrel while in use. I searched for a Galil forearm for my UltiMak AK rail for that reason.

    I am encouraged that there has begun more than a dialogue with SKSboards. I am curious about your take on the FCG and linkage… and length of pull.

    I watched as AGP was abused prior the the successful release of their Saiga 12 mag. It was labeled “vaporware” until its debut silenced the herd.

    You may have had your finger on the pulse of SKS fans more than is known and recognized.

    Now all is needed is an AK mag mod… or one that would take C-Products 7.62×39 AR mags (then the bolt-hold-open would work in a drop free mag).


  11. Jesse Foust says:

    @Paul Fullem,

    I would like to know too. Looks to be about a foot and a half. That’s a little long for my liking.

  12. Utz says:

    Send me one…I’ll be a guinea pig! I’ll test the fit and function on my Yugo 59/66. If I like it…I’ll pay for it!
    I’ll prolly order one anyway…I have faith!

  13. Hawcer says:

    I would think a rail mounted directly on top of the stock would prove more usefull when selecting optics than the high-rise carry handle type.

  14. Daniel Hanson says:

    will this kit be compadible with the “yugo” models?

  15. strong_bad says:

    In the video the shooter is using an optical sight. Will their be some provision for using iron sights?

    I understand the “handle” makes the front sight useless, but is there some way of allowing for either the original sights to be used either by removing the “handle” or looking through an opening.

    Are there any options that allow the use of backup iron sights?

  16. Jerome from California says:

    I noticed in the video that no one was a using a proper cheek weld. Is this because your sight/optic rail is too high or is it because it’s too hot to put your cheek on the stock?

  17. Ok from what I read about compliance your stock would most likely count as 3 compliant parts?

    I have a yugo SKS

    Would this mean that this would be

    15-3 meaning it’s at 12 now.

    Would I be correct in assuming the simplest way to get compliant would be to change out the gas piston and take off the muzzle attachment?

    Meaning it would now be at 10 foreign parts as the muzzle attachment would be gone and the gas piston American.

  18. Hawcer says:

    @Jerome from California, I would say it is because the optics are too high. For close range this may be ok…But for longer ranges a scope/sight mounted 4-5 inches above the barrel is never a good thing.

  19. Mammoth says:

    First of all nice looking product and I want to support you guys but in the “store” page there isn’t a price for shipping and if FFL is required for shipping. As someone else already mentioned installation guide so for those who aren’t so sure about the kit can at least “preview” it. Also the “Store” page I don’t know what to fill out to place an order. Perhaps for the first “batch” you can setup a “pre-sale” e-mail so people can send and you can reply with exact price and all.

  20. glaros says:

    @irate, The length of pull from the trigger to the buttstock is 16 5/8″.

  21. glaros says:

    @Paul Fullem, The length of pull from the trigger to the buttstock is 16 5/8″.

  22. Bob says:

    On your order page, can you be more clear as to what goes in the blank fields?

  23. MSL209 says:

    First off, amazing design. I would like to make a suggestion. Instead of leaving the barrel naked, add a forward barrel guard that would leave maybe 2 or 3 inches of barrel exposed. This would allow for Picatinny rails and accessories. Much like the Steyr Aug A3. I’m sure you guys can design this and still allow the barrel to be free floating. This would also help keep the operator from burning him/herself. This could also be an addon attachment.

    Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing the final design.

  24. glaros says:

    @buckmeister, Our conversion kit does nothing to alter your FCG. Our method of manipulating your stock trigger will virtually duplicate the the pull and distance of your present FCG trigger.

    If by ‘the length of pull’ you mean the distance from the butt of the gun to the trigger, it is 16 5/8″.

    You can find booklets about AK mag mods at gun shows. In fact, I performed that mod on one of my Yugos. It worked great. Regarding your comments on you mag mods, very intersting thoughts.

  25. glaros says:

    @Daniel Hanson, Yes it is.

  26. 45alltheway says:

    This is the best alternative I have ever seen for an sks. You guys are on your way to making some very good profit. Keep the QC very high and you will do well, congrats on your new venture, Ill be ordering 2!!

  27. Bob Doggett says:

    I am a Left handed shooter. Am I going to have a problem with this set up?
    Before I order, I need to know this. I don’t want to loose out on another great product because i’m a lefty. There are a lot of us out there.

  28. glaros says:

    @strong_bad, The OEM ‘iron sights’ are just too low to be used with any bullpup configured SKS. There are no new ‘iron sights’ built into the stock. After market ‘iron sights’ can be attached to the front and rear portion of the rail. In fact, we will demonstrate in an upcoming video.

    We are working on some ‘in house iron sights’ to be available in the future.

    Thank you for your interest,


  29. simpson says:

    truly a fascinating product you have. I would’ve never guessed a clip fed bully being so quick, coupled w/ detachable box mags, and the low price point, truly wonderful. personaly I would like to see some close-up pics (I know your working at it) and a traditional trigger guard, But with your competitors selling for $400 its something I can live without. I may buy your stock in the upcoming months, and then purchase a rife to fit it. $350bullpup Horay!

  30. drew from ca says:

    i woud like to say that this stock looks great and seems to work great. i live in ca and a bullpup that take the stripper clips is a must. my one peeve with it is the 16 5/8 length of pull its seems a little long. maybe not for me who is six feet tall but what about my girlfriend who is smaller and shorter. is the long length of pull needed for the mag well or what?

  31. glaros says:

    @Jerome from California, very observant! The prototype in the video has a sight rail that is too high. We already planned on our final prototype for the sight rail to be lower. However, as a result of feedback and the fact that we’ve recently found it is very easy to remove the rear leaf sight, we have opted to completely remove the raised rail and put the rail directly on top of the upper hand guard instead. This makes the rail the perfect high to use flip up “iron sights”, along with a scope or reflex sight, and you get plenty of cheek weld as a result.

  32. glaros says:

    @Josh from Alabama, the best way to understand making a firearm compliant, is not adding compliant parts, but rather taking away non-compliant parts. By installing our stock, you will automatically remove only one non-compliant part. The easiest way for you to make your Yugo compliant is to replace the gas piston, remove your muzzle attachment, and remove the fixed 10-round magazine and replace it with a Tapco magazine. However, if you plan on using stripper clips, the only magazine that receives stripper clips quickly and easily is the OEM 10-round box magazine. If you stick with the OEM box magazine you will still have to remove two additional non-compliant parts. The only way to go this route would be to cut off the wooden upper hand guard and replace your OEM trigger with our “trigger link.”

  33. glaros says:

    @Mammoth, thank you for your encouragement. FFL is not required for shipping as it is not a firearm. The shipping price is now posted on the store page.

    We will soon be posting an installation video on the site.

    On the store page, click “buy now” to purchase. Shipping will automatically be added. If you prefer check or money order, please contact us via our contact page.

  34. glaros says:

    @jaymac, we have already made contact with Galahad. We will be continually striving to gain your trust. Thank you for your interest.

  35. glaros says:

    @MSL209, thank you for your kudos and suggestions. We felt if we made the stock too long, it would be longer than 16″ barreled SKS’ such as the Chinese Paratrooper. You will find that there is adequate space for your non-firing hand or for the addition of a Pic rail and forward hand grip.

  36. The Bob says:

    What is this set up going to do to us lefthanders ? Don’t want a nose full of brass.

  37. Julius says:

    @glaros, The SKS in the YouTube demo video was a 20″ barrel? I’d love to see what it looks like with the 16″ paratrooper model, esp with a muzzle brake on it.

    This is what’s great about America. Great idea, hopefully a rock solid product = great success.

  38. glaros says:

    @drew from ca, we kept the pistol grip as far to the rear as possible in order for the stock to be compatible with detachable magazines. I know that 16 5//8″ length of pull seems long, but when you actually hold the rifle, you will be amazed how comfortable it feels.

  39. glaros says:

    @The Bob, At this time we don’t recommend our bullpup conversions kit to be used by left handers. We are working on something that we feel might be a good fix. What makes it tough is the SKS bolt.

  40. glaros says:

    @Julius, yes the YouTube video was with a 20″ barreled SKS, and you’re right, a bullpupped 16″ paratrooper is almost too much to stand, with an overall length of 26 3/8″ long, 3/8″ longer than the federal minimum length. Awesome!

  41. Josh in Afghanistan says:

    Hey y’all, I’ve been following this little project of y’all’s, and must say I’m very interested, and probably will order one of y’all’s stocks. But I have one question: When you say it’s compatible with AK magazines, does that mean it has a conversion built in to accept them, or is just compatible with SKS-M and SKS-D models?

  42. Kevin Florey says:

    Looks like a winner. A list of rifles you have confirmed it will work on would be great. I sold the one sks I had because of the poor options out there for accessories. I’m going to start shopping for one now and that list would help alot. Thanks

  43. john jordan says:

    Well guys Im hooked–all the way.
    My fav. weapon is the sks hands down.
    Vid looked good.
    I do not care if your website is polished up to 21st standards or not.
    I only want the product to work as good as the vid and your word says.
    Looking forward to upgrading my sks into the 21st century.
    I use 20 rd detach mags as fixed mags so that i can load from the top
    will it be as easy to load 2 10 rd clips as it is 1 10 rd clip?

  44. strong_bad says:

    @glaros, Does this mean that the sight rail is going to be be mounted directly to the SKS rifle now?

    It would probably hold a zero and be more accurate if the sight rail was mounted in such a fashion to prevent it from wobbling, or even more importantly to keep the sight (“iron sights” or optical alike) linked directly to the barrel/piston/action so that they do not move independently from one another.

  45. MSL209 says:


    I don’t suggest making the stock any longer, just extending the frot to cover the barrel more. I chopped a forend onto your bullpup. This is what I have in mind.


  46. glaros says:

    @Josh in Afghanistan, what we mean is, if your SKS will take AK magazines, it will still take AK magazines once our bullpup kit is installed. If your SKS does not take AK magazines and you want to use detachable magazines, you will need to use SKS detachable magazines, which can be used with our bullpup stock kit. Thank you for your service to our country. We appreciate it.

  47. glaros says:

    @john jordan, thank you for your encouragement. To be honest with you, while there are several after market magazines for the SKS that feed the SKS very well, I have yet to find one that can be loaded with stripper clips as easily as the OEM 10-round, steel, box magazine. The only exception to this is the 20-round steel, box magazine made by the Chinese. By the way, thank you for your service to our country. We really appreciate it.

  48. glaros says:

    @Kevin Florey, We have installed our kit on a Chinese paratrooper, Russian, Romanian, Yugo 56 as well as a 59/66. It is our belief that if it is an SKS, it will fit. We are working on plans to have it fitted on virtually every SKS model ever made through the owner of SKS boards.

  49. Josh in Afghanistan says:

    @glaros, Your support is appreciated, and I thank YOU for supplying us with such a novel method of revitalizing an old rifle.

    I only hope I can find an SKS-D or M model to put the stock on.

    Thanks for what you guys do.

  50. mike says:

    looking forward to the production of this unit, will buy 2 of them when they come out. keep us in the loop.