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Gettin Loose! She’s a creampuff!

Eli O.



my sks

Benjamin H.



Donald D.



Jose A.

Just received the stock,and i must say the design and workmanship is fantastic! put it together,had to dremmel a bit here and there to accommodate my Chinese SKS.It looks fantastic and fits me like a glove.Just have a small issue with the safety.I installed as shown, but when i engage it and pull the trigger,it disengages.other than that,a superb piece of equipment.well worth the wait!I attached a triple Rail riser with Green/Red dot sight,Flashlight and Green Laser.Thank You so very much.Keep up the good work,and continued success!

front carry

Back Carry

SGW: Very cool Jose, although we do not recommend this for hard use. We have a sling point that we hope to introduce soon. Occasionally the two detente are not drilled in the right location. We are designing our safety bars and adding a new process to ensure it is done correctly.



After a lot of fitting here’s what my new toy looks like.

Ken C.


Jesse P.



Levan B.


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