What magazines are compatible with this stock?

OEM 10 round fixed

SKS 20 and 30 round detachable magazines

AK Magazines (If your SKS in its present form is compatible with AK magazines)

Which SKS models does this stock fit?

We’ve fitted it to the Russian, Romanian, Yugoslavian M59s and M59/66, as well as the Chinese (Paratrooper) models.  We believe if it’s an SKS, it will fit.

***We have found that there is one type of SKS our stock kit will not work with: the Albanian.

If you have an SKS Model D or M that takes detachable AK Mags, you will not need our Extended Magazine Release Lever.

There are very few Norinco Paratrooper models that have a shorter than standard gas tube.  If yours is shorter than standard, it can most likely be made to fit with additional work on the Pistol Grips of our stock kit, before we ship it.

If the measurement from the front edge of your receiver to the nearest edge of your front sling point is at least 11 7/8” it will fit with no additional stock modification.

If it is anywhere from 10 1/4” to 11 3/4″ the stock can still be made to fit but will require additional easy modification by you.  You will also need to fabricate a piece of metal that extends your front sling point, if needed.  Additionally, the measurement from the front edge of your receiver to the nearest edge of  the stock retainer needs to be within 8  3/16″ to  8  5/8″.  If not, call us and we can make custom Pistol Grips to fit.

If your measurements are outside of this category, email us to find out what modifications, on our stock, that are involved.

Is this stock compatible with California state laws?

It is compatible with California state laws as long as it is utilized with a 10-round fixed magazine, is no shorter than 30″ (on a Chinese Paratrooper with a 16″ barrel, the total length will only be 26 and 3/8 of an inch, which can easily be fixed by adding a US made muzzle attachment), and is compliant with the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968.  Please refer to our compliancy page for more information.

How difficult is the installation?

It’s easy!  The kit comes with clear installation instructions and requires no modification to your firearm, other than the removal of your rear leaf sight.

How difficult it is to remove the stock to clean the firearm?

The stock was designed to easily and quickly remove the Upper Hand Guard and the rear Receiver Cover Assembly without disassembling the main parts of the stock.  This gives you full access to the gas piston as well as the bolt, carrier, and chamber.

Does the kit use its own gas tube to mount the sight rail, or does the sight rail mount to the existing gas tube?

Neither.  The Picatinny Style Rail is an integral part of the Upper Hand Guard, which secures to the main body of the assembled stock.  This allows you to remove the wooden OEM Upper Hand Guard, if needed, in order to reduce your regulated parts count.

Do you have a stock for “lefties?”

At this time we do not have a stock for lefties.   However, we are working on some ideas for a deflector.

Are there any rail attachments for the forearm?

Yes, we will have a tri-rail attachment for the forearm as an accessory.  It will provide a rail for a hand grip, as well as, a right and left rail for lights, lasers, etc.

Where will your bullpup kit be manufactured?

Home-grown, right here in the USA.  Actually, the stock must be made in the United States in order for it to be legal.

How does Section 922 affect the use of this stock?

In order to comply with Section 922, the number of regulated foreign parts on your SKS will need to reduced to no more than 10 when using this stock.

See our Compliancy page.