First Article Samples Have Arrived

We have received the first article samples (for our approval to sign off on the molds) from our manufacturer today, so we will be working fast and furious to put together close-up pics and an installation video, ASAP.

On another note,  some of you may have noticed that Paypal has closed down our store as they consider us a risky business because we are making pre-sales and not shipping within 20 days. (Even though their user agreement allows for that as long as the customers are aware of that fact up front.)  Our attorney has delivered them a notice to reverse this action. We will be receiving a wireless terminal in a couple of days. Those of you that would like to purchase by credit card can call us directly starting December 5th.


3 Responses to “First Article Samples Have Arrived”

  1. vanman80 says:

    Oh wow you guys should have known not to use that anti-gun anti-American, PayPal crap. Man I cant wait to get one of these finally, I have been chomping at the bit for months now! Also I hope when I order that the front grip and barrel shroud are available. It has taken a long time but I know this will be wel worth the wait!

  2. vanman80 says:

    Oh yeah and here is an initial thought on what I will do with mine; Yankee Hill flip up sights, EOTech 552.XR308 and a FAB Tactical Vertical Grip. uh-oh, I’m drooling now…

  3. lee04 says:


    I’m planning on getting a Norinco SKS, so would this fit as well. I already have a Yugo. SKS customized, but am eager to put this BullPup stock on a Norinco SKS, which is the cheapest SKS I can find right now.