First Day 7-1-09

Well, our first day out of the gate wasn’t as smooth as we had hoped it would be. There were a lot of things to prepare for regarding our launch date onto the web.  We’ve been  working class people all our life, so this has been a real eye opening experience for us. We’ve come to realize there are a lot of things you just don’t have as much control over as you would like. We would also like to apologize for some of the more important information that was missing from our site today, like pricing…kind of a major detail! With-in a day or two will have all the deficiencies taken care of. Thank you for your patience. As time goes by we’ll keep you abreast of developments and new products. Thanks again, SGWorks.

55 Responses to “First Day 7-1-09”

  1. DEDMNKY says:


    Cool i’ll be curious to see or hear how well they work out.

  2. ATX says:

    So,… any idea when we can expect delivery on this thing??? It’s almost September and everything is all quiet over there at ShernicGW. What’s the status of our orders? We would like you to post a definite shipping date Mr. Glaros.

  3. James Swayne says:

    Getting a bit concerned have not heard anything for a while. Should have had updated video +pics by now. The reason i am concerned i already paid we are supposed to have product out by next month. Can someone please update us with something?

  4. Robert Marlette says:

    Came across your product by chance and have already ordered one. In preperation I want to refinish the components from my Russian SKS that will be required for morphing to a bullpup. What do you suggest?

  5. glaros says:

    @Robert Marlette,

    If it were me, I’d remove the front sight/bayonet lug assembly and refinish the barrel. I’d figure out how I’d want to remove the upper wooden hand guard (which gets rid of an additional regulated part for free) and figure out what other parts I’d what it to go with to make it compliant.