First Day 7-1-09

Well, our first day out of the gate wasn’t as smooth as we had hoped it would be. There were a lot of things to prepare for regarding our launch date onto the web.  We’ve been  working class people all our life, so this has been a real eye opening experience for us. We’ve come to realize there are a lot of things you just don’t have as much control over as you would like. We would also like to apologize for some of the more important information that was missing from our site today, like pricing…kind of a major detail! With-in a day or two will have all the deficiencies taken care of. Thank you for your patience. As time goes by we’ll keep you abreast of developments and new products. Thanks again, SGWorks.

55 Responses to “First Day 7-1-09”

  1. Eugene Neigoff says:

    Gentlemen, your site is not well setup, yellow on a white background is impossible to read. I cannot find your price list or any specifics about the stock. I like the video, but it is a wste of my time. I want to know price and delivery and what is the procedures

  2. barry tricker says:

    Love the design. can’t wait!!! B

  3. alvin says:

    the stocks look good. if they sell for under 200.00 thats a hell of a good deal. 150.00 ill take 2. hurry up please

  4. Matt says:

    Boy I sure hope you guys can get it together. Looks like you have a great product but you know what they say about 1st impressions. Also, you seem to realize the most important piece of missing info is the price, yet for some reason you give no indication as to what it will be. Something like “we hope to fall within the price range of $xxx.00 and $xxx.00.” would be great. Certianly better than “We would also like to apologize for some of the more important information that was missing from our site today, like pricing…kind of a major detail!” Consumers just are not patient people. If it’s not ready, interest can be lost and forgotten all to quickly

    I hope your product takes off, I really do. But I, and many like me I’m sure, get tired of this sort of thing (industrywide, not just you). Still, I would say I’m likely to buy your product, but not for quite a while. When a product misses its marketplace introduction, usually is the manufacturing process that suffers first.

    To conclude, it’s new ventures like your that I really pull for. You have what looks to be a good product and are coming out with it during a very difficult time. If you find some time, feel free to respond. Tell me I’m an A hole with no common sense, or if your problem is just manpower then please let me know cause MAN, I really need a job!!

    Good Luck!!

    Matthew Davis

  5. Dmajors says:

    I had a few suggestions that you may want to answer with questions that i have personally and may help first will your product fit all sks a list of the ones it works on and don’t would be helpful, I personally own a couple of yugo sks’s and am interested in your product. Your phone number looks to be socal if taken to your shop can you install the stock? are any major modificatins neccessary to install. and quite possibly a couple pics of how to install the stock would be great. Lastly I’m sure you’ve read many comments but its diificult to read with the current font color selected. Again these are questions are what currently hinder me from buying the product is the lack of knowledge and reviews.
    Dennis Majors

  6. Josh says:

    Absolutely outstanding! I have seen just about every SKS kit/conversion, but this one takes the cake. Very impressive.

    I don’t even like bull-pup style weapons, and I am impressed. Best of luck to you in this venture.

  7. glaros says:

    @Eugene Neigoff, Thank you for your response, it helped us realize items we couldn’t see from our browser. All your concerns have been addressed. We will be begin shipping the last part of September. Please click on our Limited Time Special Offer Link.

  8. glaros says:

    @barry tricker, Please check out our site for new updated information.

  9. glaros says:

    @alvin, Check out our Limited Time Special Offer Link.

  10. glaros says:

    @Matt, Our website has been brought up to speed. We will be working hard to overcome your first impressions.

  11. glaros says:

    @Dmajors, Our website has been brought up to speed. We have installed it on Russian, Romanian, Yugoslavian 56 and a Chinese Paratrooper within a week. We will have it tried on a Yugo with grenade launching sites. It is our belief that if it is an SKS, it will fit. As of right now, we are not a brick and mortar store, but you will be amazed at how easy the installation is. We will have an installation video uploaded on our site soon.

  12. glaros says:

    @Josh, Thanks, that is encouraging!

  13. Evan says:

    Looking amazing…but i have a few questions how does the trigger mechanism work if its moved so far forward, and what type if any problems might happen while in use of this setup….i mean does the trigger mech. bind up, does anything come lose, or is it flawless in design because when u lengthen any
    action(example: with a long rod or something) so timses it will bind or bend if it is not adjusted or cut right…. No offense or anything it just makes me curious on how it works being a sks carbine fan….

    Sorry if I offended you or anything….

  14. Pritchard says:

    @Evan, So what is the reply to this guys question. Your site is difficult at best to understand and navigate.

  15. DEDMNKY says:

    I like it and i saw that it would work with the 20 round mags what about the 30 rounders?

  16. David says:

    Say your add in shooting times. I am very interrested in one for my Yugo 59/66. Can original sights be used with this stock, and how compatible is it for my model. Also, can aftermarket magazines be used with this stock.

  17. glaros says:

    No offense taken at all. Our forward trigger does not push, it pulls. You adjust the length once in the beginning and that is it, no bending, binding or re-adjustment necessary. Soon we will be posting close-up pics and an assembly video.

  18. glaros says:

    @DEDMNKY, Yes, our stock works with SKS’s that take AK mags and definitely Tapco 20 round detachable mags. I would assume it would work with the old 30 round steel SKS mags, but living on the ‘left coast’, it is difficult for us to acquire those. We have plans to make an AZ video using detachable mags in the near future.

  19. DEDMNKY says:

    Awsome i will have to look into getting one of your new stocks for my chinese sks. and i have the old style 30 round mag with what i call the dog leg on the front and if it works with this that is awsome thanks.

  20. Utz says:

    It’s about time! 🙂
    I am not at all worried about how your website looks….as long as the product functions. I LIKE IT!
    Just a tip for future add-ons…Having had the grenade sight/bayonet removed from my Yugo’s barrel. It leaves the pin grooves and sometimes light scratches or marks on the barrel that are displeasing to look at. How about a barrel sleeve that would cover all that up and it could be attached by threading it onto the existing threads from the grenade launcher.(could even give it the fake suppressor look if you go with a larger diameter)
    Just a thought…

    Did I mention I LIKE IT!

  21. James Misenhimer says:

    I like what I see here and so do some other people that I have shown your site too. The question I and my son have right now is, are you in production and shipping the product now, or how soon can we hope to see this product shipped?

  22. james says:

    On the video the barrell has been obviously modified. What exactly did you do to the barrell on the gun used in the video. Thanks.

  23. glaros says:

    Frankly, we aren’t sure what you mean. When our site first went live we had some features built on Mozilla Firefox that Internet Explorer would not accept. That caused problems, for example, white letters on a white background. We have become aware that some people’s physical dial-up service lines offer so little bandwidth, that when they go on our site the tool bar doesn’t show up. This makes it impossible to navigate from the home page. We will contact our webmaster. If you can be more specific, it would be more helpful for us to remedy the situation.

  24. Red says:


    I was wondering if you have tried installing this kit on the yugo m59/66, the one with the grenade launcher and sight? If so, could you list the modifications you preformed?

    Thanks in advance.

    I am looking forward to purchasing your product.

  25. glaros says:

    @James Misenhimer, we are currently tooling up and will begin shipping at the end of September. Production will begin just before that.

  26. glaros says:

    @Utz, that sounds like it would work. We’ll take into consideration.

  27. glaros says:

    @Red, yes we have. Because we live on the left coast, we were never allowed to receive them with the grenade launcher on them. That would be “dangewuss.” 😉

    We installed the stock, changed out the gas piston, removed the wooden upper hand guard, and replaced the OEM trigger with our trigger link. That way we could utilize the OEM 10-round box magazine, which loads and feeds better than any other after-market mag. Not to mention here on the left coast, we HAVE to use 10-round fixed mags.

  28. Robert says:

    I like the looks of this. One question: Why is it necessary to have the optics rail so high on the weapon? A good cheek weld would not be possible.

  29. Tim Mincer says:

    Very impressed, I will be ordering one , but I would like to see how hard it is to install.

  30. glaros says:

    @Robert, when we first began to design the stock, we wanted to do it in a way that required no modification whatsoever. In order to clear the rear leaf sight, which had to be flipped all the way forward, the sight pic rail had to be elevated to clear. Sometime after, we discovered how easy it is to remove the rear leaf sight and after quite a bit of feedback, we decided to remove all the elevation from the pic sight rail. Believe me it is WAY better now. On our prototype we have flip up iron back-up sights on the front and rear and our red dot in between. We have way more cheek well now. You will not be disappointed. You’ll see what I mean in upcoming pics.

  31. Brad_alabama says:

    Your video shows reloading only using stripper clips. Will it be possible to remove the magazine? This looks amazing, I can’t wait to buy one.

  32. james says:

    I have a norinco SKS will this kit fit that,also I dont have original 10 round steel mag,got a tapco 20 round with the dogleg,will all that fit,if so cool, I’ll take one

  33. glaros says:

    Yes it will be possible to remove a magazine. AK and Tapco 20 round SKS mags will definitely work. I believe 30 round SKS mags will work as well but have been unable to try those as of now.

  34. Camron says:

    I looked through the Q&A, and i did not see anyone ask if you could still use your rear sight with this stock. Did you add a front sight to the stock so that you can still use iron sights or do you just use the optic rail?

  35. aldaddyoo7 says:

    What will the final product look like? Will we still have to take off the rear sight?

  36. thepain says:

    Great looking site! Good design for bullpup
    glad you supported the tapco 20rd’s
    looking forward to seeing more pictures
    and videos of someone using the tapcos to reload

    I further the comment about no check weld and look forward to seeing an improvement there…

    thanks for making a real utility product at what looks to be a realistic price range.

  37. Wartorn says:

    How much do you have to cut off the barrel?

    My Payment was confirmed – awaiting your product. can’t wait! Keep us customers posted as to your progress please. Thanks.

  38. glaros says:

    @Camron, It is impossible to use SKS OEM sights in any bullpup configuration as they are just too low. We have lowered the sight rail all the way to the hand guard, which is a much better configuration all around. This means it is now necessary to remove your rear leaf sight. This allows for use of a reflex sight as well as “flip-up” backup sights.

  39. david says:

    have you posted the close-up pics and an assembly video yet… If I could atleast see that I would be ready to put an order in…. can’t wait

  40. glaros says:

    @David, We noticed some comments weren’t answered, sorry it took so long to discover this question. We have installed the bullpup stock on a Yugo, Russian, Romanian and a Chinese

  41. John says:

    I am reading this as AK mags will work. Is this the case or do the magazines have to have the SKS dogleg?

  42. glaros says:

    @james, We noticed some comments weren’t answered, sorry it took so long to discover this question. The only modification to hte barrel was the removal of the front sight/ bayonet lug assembly.

  43. glaros says:

    @John, we noticed some comments weren’t answered, sorry it took so long to discover this question. Yes, AK mags will work.

  44. glaros says:

    @Tim Mincer, thank you. An installation video and close-up pics will be uploaded on our site, soon. You will be surprised how easy it is to install.

  45. glaros says:

    @aldaddyoo7, the only change from what you see on the website is the sight rail will be mounted flat on the upper hand guard. Yes, you will need to remove the rear leaf sight.

  46. glaros says:

    @thepain, plans are to make a video using the detachable magazines this next week. You will be able to see the additional cheek weld.

  47. glaros says:

    @Wartorn, you don’t need to cut off any of the barrel. We believe the longer the barrel the better. More barrel = more range and more impact energy all the way down range.

  48. glaros says:

    @david, not yet, but if everything works out we will be doing that next week.

  49. glaros says:

    @david, if everything goes to plan, we will be making a couple of videos and closeup pics this next week.

  50. glaros says:

    @DEDMNKY, we will be testing 30 rounders this next week.