FML Update #10 02/02/18 FML PRESALE TO END FEB. 11TH


We have now shipped out well over half of all the FML presales. At our present rate of shipping, we expect to complete the shipping process of all FML presales by Friday the 9th of February.

If you have held back from purchasing SGWorks FML until near the end of the presale, you wanted to be sure the FML’s would even ship or you wanted to check out additional reviews, now is the time to get in on the FML presale price of only $39.95 because there are only 10 days left. After the close of the sale, the price will be $49.95

Also, in case you have missed the news, for a limited time, if you already own the stock and would like to purchase the FML but you do not have the time or the means to install the FML yourself, you can purchase the FML, send us your Main Housing along with $20 and we will install your FML into your Main Housing and ship it back to you.

To send payment via PayPal: log into Paypal Select the Money Tab, Send or Request Money Tab, on Send Money, select Pay for goods or services, enter our email: input the amount and in the note section, put: For FML Installation.




  1. Your stripped down Main Housing and
  2. Your Forward Moving lug to:


Shernic Gun Works, LLC

635 S. Palm Ave.

Alhambra, CA 91803


Customers have also asked if we can modify their detachable magazines. We can only do it under the following conditions: 1. The magazines must be Tapco magazines, and 2. You would need to turn them into 10 round magazines by installing a 1/8th aluminum rivet at a prescribed measurement down the back rib of the magazine. Once the magazines are modified and returned to you, easily drill out the rivet with a 1/8” drill bit. (We are located in CA and can only have 10 rounds) If you are interested in this service, email us for details.

Here are some helpful links regarding various aspects of the FML:


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Micro Adjusting The FML

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