FML Update #7 10/26/17

Three weeks ago we picked up our FML tool from the second die caster because it had been over 10 weeks since we had dropped it off. At least three times we had been told a sample run would be able to be run in about 2 weeks. We were given this same line the tenth week as well. At this point we had completely lost confidence in the owner and thus made the decision to move the tool.

The new company is much larger and seem to be much more professional. They also have a tool maker in house.

This past week we were told depending on whether or not the tool was a bottom feed or straight feed, they felt they would be able to run a sample either this coming week or next. They also said, if we can be there when the sample is run, and we can approve it, they can go ahead and do the production run as well.

What this means is, if we are able to approve the sample, then in very short order we would begin shipping and the presale would come to an end. Conversely, if the last small pad added to the tool doesn’t fill right, then that issue would need to be corrected before production could begin.

With the very good possibility of the end of the road in sight, we are going to do our very best to finish up and post the additional videos on modifying the SKS bolt, micro adjusting the FML lug and a more in depth function video.

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