FML Update #8 Friday 11/10/2017

We have some very exciting news! Last Thursday, the new die casting company ran a handful of sample shots in order to check out the tool and approve the parts. The parts turned out to be absolutely fantastic. All of the various cavities within the tool filled nicely and there was no flash at all around the parts themselves. Additionally, since we were able to approve the parts that day, arrangements began for production to begin as soon as possible.

As of right now production is scheduled to begin Friday, 11/10/17.

We’ve been very busy getting everything ready to begin our finishing/assembly operations as soon as we receive the newly run parts.

If production goes smoothly, we believe we will be in a position to begin shipping our FML orders, according to purchase date, within two weeks of this post.

Once shipping begins, the FML pre-sale will end. The last couple of videos on the FML are slated to be uploaded this coming week.

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