FML Update #9 Saturday – 11/25/2017

We have some fantastic news. Two days ago we received the first production run of our new FML’s.

This next week we will begin our finishing/assembly process. We expect to begin shipping Friday December 1st.

Rather than close down the presale on the day we begin to ship, we have decided to wait until Friday, December 8th, before closing down the sale, in order for the word to get around to those who did not want to purchase until we actually begin to ship.

We have also included three additional video links with this post, to help answer additional questions and/or concerns.

For those customers who purchase our FML, but already possess our SKS bullpup stock kit, you can send us your stripped, main housing component along with $20, we will install your FML and ship your main housing back to you. Send your EMR along too, and we will switch out the original lever with the extra-long lever.

For new orders (Kit and FML), once we start shipping the FML, it will come pre-installed at our cost. If you order before we end the pre-sale, you’ll get that pre-sale pricing and the FML installed. There is a place when you order to send a message to seller (SGW) and you can ask us to wait until we have the FML’s to ship with the Kit once we start shipping the completed FML’s.

SGW Instructions Micro-Adjusting The FML Shernic Gun Works

Instructions – Modifying SKS Bolt For FML

SGW Why We Use Two Levers

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