FML Update & Installation Video

Great news!

What we believe to be the last change to the FML tool has been completed.  The tool is now at the molders.  We are waiting to hear when the samples are going to be run to ensure everything is right.  Hopefully, we will hear something this next week.

After that, we will be given a production run date which will determine when the FML Pre-Sale will end and shipping begins.  We will keep you updated.  Thanks for your patience!


FML Installation Video

Check out our video showing the installation of the FML into the Main Housing component of our SKS Bullpup Stock Kit. If you want to skip the introduction portion of the video, the actual installation begins around the 0:03:15 mark.

Pre-Sale Ending Soon – ORDER NOW 

We are almost at the end of our Pre-Sale.  If you haven’t already ordered our FML, you can still ORDER NOW at our low Introductory Pre-Sale Price of $39.96 – a substantial savings!  

Once the Pre-Sale ends, our FML can be purchased at our retail price of $49.95.


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