Forward Moving Lug Status Update!

As mentioned in our last post, we received the last samples using the modified tool from the molders shop on April 10th.  The fit and function is great!  Since this was going to be the last chance we would have to get the adjustment pads “dialed in” before shipping began, we tested them on every SKS we could get our hands on.  During the test fitting, we came across a third Yugo model 59, (which is supposed to be based on the original Russian specifications, but turned out to be an outlier), which required an adjustment pad thinner than we had.

Therefore, we made the decision to reduce the thickness of the thinnest pad and modify the midrange pad to be pretty much half way between the thinnest and thickest pads.  With the addition of an assortment of differently sized nylon shims, the lug will be able to be adjusted to properly fit any SKS rifle mounted into our SKS Bullpup Stock Kit.

We heard from the tool maker and the final adjustment pad mods should be complete by the end of next week.  Then it will be back to the molders shop.  We will use the scheduled run date to determine when the Pre-Sale will end, as well as, when shipping will begin.

On another note, we received samples of our new Extra-Long EMR Lever to be used in conjunction with our FML.  Fit and function is great.  We will be including a new lever with the FML’s for those customers who have already purchased an Extended Magazine Release Lever from us.

As mentioned in our last post, we will release a video on the FML installation that will also show how to switch out the lever on the EMR.

Clarification on Removing Detachable Mags from a SKS

It has come to our attention there is a little confusion by some on what we have stated our FML will allow one to do with detachable magazines.

We presumed, perhaps incorrectly, that anyone who would be interested in an FML had already begun to use detachable SKS magazines with their rifle.  And that in doing so, they would have become aware of the fact that the way the SKS bolt was designed, it is impossible to remove a detachable magazine from the rifle when the bolt is in the closed position. In order to remove a detachable SKS magazine from the rifle when the bolt is in the closed position, the bottom left/right edges of the bolt that protrude outward need to be removed.  We will be posting a video showing how the mod can be done with nothing more than a vice and hand grinder with a cutting wheel.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused anyone.


Pre-Sale Ending Soon – ORDER NOW 

Our FML Pre-Sale is ending soon.  If you haven’t already ordered our FML, you can still order now at our low Introductory Pre-Sale Price of $39.96 – a substantial savings!

Once the Pre-Sale ends, our FML can be purchased at our retail price of $49.95.


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