Forward Moving Lug Update!

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Pre-Sale Ending Soon – ORDER NOW

We want you to be in the know.  We are at the tail end of our FML Pre-Sale. The ship date was estimated to be sometime around the end of February/first part of March.  If you haven’t already ordered our FML, you can still ORDER NOW at our Introductory Pre-Sale Price of $39.96.  Once the Pre-Sale ends, our FML can be purchased at our retail price of $49.95.

We received our Model 2 sample just over a week ago.  Immediately we set out to install the FML into our SKS Bullpup Kit and mount every SKS rifle we have into the kit to be sure the two different sized lug pads (along with the shim pack that will accompany the FML) would enable a precise fit on all SKS’s.

The fitting and function of the FML is fantastic!  Two major changes that were incorporated into the model 2 provided longer lug/housing guide rails/slots for added strength, and steeper lug face to create less resistance of the rearward movement of the lug to the magazine being inserted.

We felt compelled, however, to have one more change made to the tool.  Specifically, we are having the smaller of the two lug pads reduced in height. We believe this change is necessary to insure a precise fit on all SKS’s.

We are being told the tool will be ready this next week, at which time it will be sent to the shop which will run it.  At that time, we should have an accurate production schedule.

Even with what has transpired, we believe we will be shipping by the end of March, possibly the first week of April.

We will keep you posted!

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