Gerald R. TX 12-4-12

 I received my stock in under 10 days. I opened the box and examined what appeared to be a well though out design that I felt was worth much more than the $199.00 price. I will say that I did have to seek a little help from the internet with help getting the front site off my Yugo. The stock took me about two hours to assemble. I needed to do a little filing for fitment.

 When I was done with the project, I found myself with an OUT OF THIS WORLD firearm! I really liked my SKS from the day I brought it home. I quickly “bubba’d” it out with a stock from another manufacturer. The aftermarket stock that I had was a good product, but the gun was just so darn “front heavy” and unbalanced. The SGW bullpup stock makes this the most balanced, comfortable and fun to shoot gun I own! I’ve only had a chance to fire a few rounds through it and have yet to site in the new Magpul back-up sights. It gets dark in Texas at 6PM, so I’ll have to wait for the weekend.

 I don’t see how SGW’s makes a profit off of these stocks. The quality, fitment and craftsmanship are worth twice the price they sell for. Thank you Shernic for making my SKS easier to carry, store, and use. This little bullpup makes a nice truck gun also. In Texas as well as most of the U.S. now, we have feral hogs everywhere. The hogs have met a new match. I know the SKS will be a whole lot less cumbersome to carry in the pasture now!

 My picture shows my old DIY camo Tapco. I just need to pick up a new black magazine.

Gerald R.



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