Great News 5-27-12

We realize it has been very frustrating for a lot of people (for us too!) due to the fact that we have been been so slow in delivering  our stock kits. We have been working for months and months (and months!) to acquire funding for the expansion of our operations. There have been numerous times during this period where the funding was “only a few weeks away”, only to find out there was an additional hoop for us to jump through.

Well, the good news is, we are excited to say that we now have acquired the funding that we needed. This past week we have already doubled our work force with plans to quadruple it again within the next week or two.  As you know, we can’t hire people already trained in our operations and the functions that need to be performed. It will take several weeks to get them up to speed to the point where we are able to post a new ship schedule. However, since we are past the glut of orders placed in December 2010, you will see  a decrease in the time it takes to go through each succeeding month. We encourage you to continue to check the Shipping Status Update on the right hand side of our web page under Latest News.

Also this latest funding will allow us to begin on the prototyping of several products we have had in the works.

We are very thankful for all of our customer’s that placed orders for stocks and have been so patient as we have struggled through this learning process.

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