James W. 11-9-12 KY


I got my stock a month ago, took about 2 hours to get every thing perfect.  I removed all the wood furniture and any non-useable hardware once the stock kit would be on.  I cut down the barrel to 17 inches and threaded it for a breaching flash hider.  I had to dremel the handle to accept 30 round mags, put on some magpul flip-up sights, an EOTech holographic sight, a shorty assault grip w/ spare battery compartment and a strobing tac light.  Now she draws a lot of attention at the range and a lot of envy from my buddies.  The usual comment is that it looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie or video game.  She is 27 inches long, and weighs 6.5 lbs with a 30 round mag of steel cored ammo. Thanks again for such a great design concept.



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